How to create a beautiful kitchen in your home

Beautiful interior is created for people and it should fit organically into the life of a family or person adjusting to all the requirements and realities. The kitchen should be pleasing to the eye, not only after the repair but also in the process of cooking in everyday life.

The abundance of smooth surfaces provides fast and comfortable cleaning. Explicitly thought-out arrangement of all household helpers guarantees the fastest process of cooking. This is ideal variant for ambitious young people who do not want to waste time on cleaning, cooking of complex dishes, and for those who are often limited only by the cup of coffee and a “masterpieces” of cooking.

Glossy facades of curved forms give the interior a sophisticated and elegant look. This is the perfect solution for studio apartments. However, for a large family with children of different ages and always busy parents the same minimalism will be a real chaos. Glossy surfaces look nice only perfectly pure form. Imprints of children’s handprints, stickers, pictures, reminders will give the room untidy and unkempt appearance. Thus the beautiful kitchens turn into a real dump. In this case it is better to adhere to a calmer variation of this style with a matte surface of practical colors and hidden from the eyes storage locations for household appliances and household items.

Now let’s move on to the preparation of the design. Designers said that elongated rectangle is the ideal shape of the room for the kitchen. Precisely this form requires less space for convenient arrangement of kitchens furniture and appliances. Regarding the choice of color schemes it is worth to say that everything is clear here. It is better to use light colors to increase the volume and amount spaciousness of your kitchen. But it is worth remembering that the white color requires additional color accents and bright decorative elements. Such color accents create such a small decoration items as curtains, wall hangings, clocks, towels, napkins.

Light yellow, lemon or apple shades will be great for creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Such combinations provide the effect of freshness and cleanliness in the kitchen. Kitchens performed in dark blue tones look very bright and cheerful. During the selection of color solutions for the kitchen interior the question of the color of kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories is considered. Wooden kitchen furniture made of light wood is very popular nowadays.

It is worth to know several nuances while creating the amazing kitchens. Firstly for high equipment and furniture the most appropriate place is the place along the working area. For the convenience of cooking it is better to place such kitchen appliances as stove, sink, refrigerator, cooker hood in the technological process sequence. It is important to think carefully about the electrical wiring diagram, calculate the loading, pick up the cables and calculate carefully the location of the sockets and switches.

Diverse coatings and surfaces of the walls and the ceiling should made be of waterproof materials because the cooking process is inevitably accompanied by the appearance of various contaminants, those can be removes only with a help of detergents. Experts advise to paint ceiling with latex paint, paste over decorative polyurethane foam plates, mounted from metal or plastic panels.

Decoration of the walls in the kitchen with a ceramic tile is one of the best variants for the walls. Ceramic apron is calculated already knowing the height of hanging and standing of the kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances. Non-woven wallpaper is also a great option for the walls. Replacing flooring is the final moment in the renovation of the kitchen. Ceramic tile or ceramic granite is the most common variant of flooring in the kitchen today. This floor will serve more than one decade.

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