How to choose the right kitchen island with seating

In order to use your kitchen area to the top there can be placed a kitchen island with a seating to create a dining or breakfast table. Usually bar chairs are used as the island is higher than a standard kitchen table in general. It also depends on the kitchen area – if your island is large, you are free to use big size chairs. For some small kitchen islands, just two chairs would be enough.

Choosing the kitchen island make up your mind about the guest area. Often the kitchen island is just a design addition rather than a place to seat on. However, that’s a big loss for the householder.

So figure the area in order to determine your kitchen island with seating functionality. There can be several functions.

Kitchen island depends on how you and your family plan to use it. If your aim is entertainment, there should be a kitchen island that allows guests to sit down and eat. There can be some easy moving chairs to feel free to sit down or stand up.

Some people prefer lower tables for the seating zone. This can be helpful in families with children for example when doing their homework and cooking at the same time. This might make them feel comfortable, as their parents are free to help them while doing some work at the kitchen.

Special dining room is unlikely in an ordinary city apartment or small house. The kitchen island with seating is a perfect decision in this case. On the other hand, maybe you just want more area? Kitchen island with seating is much better than an unmovable dining zone.

Since the kitchen island is usually filled with dishes, kitchen appliances, recipe books, and other essential kitchen items a good way is to make the island top slightly hanging over the bottom cabinets so that there is enough space for several chairs. Designed that way a small family kitchen might help to get along without a big dining table. If necessary, the chairs can be replaced to another room or hidden inside a cabinet. For example, if your kitchen island with seating is opposite to the doorway the chairs often block the way. It doesn’t mean that the kitchen islands can’t be used in those rooms. Just think about some smaller chairs or stools to use that can be easily moved aside. This might help you to entertain your guests on one hand and let your children run around the house on the other.

Kitchen island with seating at a big kitchen is something different than just a bar with a couple of bar chairs. If you plan more than 4 people at the kitchen island better make it bigger and add another panel above as the table top. Put several bar chairs or some other big chairs at that side. Use some bright colors to make your home bar and the chairs look glamorous.

The island can be multifunctional in an airy kitchen. You can make it longer from different sides to arrange your working area and create a big and comfortable dining table for the whole family and guests. When adding panels, the inner area should be placed lower. As for the outside, it should be some 35 inch – 43 inch high to have enough space place the chairs there. Besides the high bar is easier to move. At the guests side the top should be wider than the bottom cabinet by 12 inch-18 inch. Don’t forget about a one-step distance between the seats.

Several kitchen islands with seating combined together can be as big as a dining table for a big family.

There is a variety of sittings for such islands to choose of. There can be backless benches to make people feel more comfortable. Here can be used some bigger chairs that match the space between the table and the dining room as well. That’s the best solution to make comfortable sittings and additional drawers and shelves to keep products. Special units are made for such constructions to cover sections and open shelves.

Kitchen islands with seating is one of the greatest kitchen designs. It allows the cooker to cooperate with guests and entertain them. They are also used as an additional sitting place if there is no standard table in small kitchens. Therefore, your kitchen island with seating depends on your kitchen area and style. Just use your imagination and your kitchen will become the favorite place for your family and friends to spend their time at.

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