How to choose the right color for antique kitchen cabinets?

In every man’s life there comes a crucial moment – change the design of the kitchen facilities. If you add the paint to freshen the interior or radically change the style of the kitchen, it will help to immerse them in the warmth of the hearth.


Antique white kitchen cabinets

White looks incredibly comfortable in the kitchen. White palette gives lightness and ease of placement. Spectacular kitchen with properly chosen furniture, appliances and kitchen set, eliminates the feeling and expand the space of a small room.

This color can be found in many designs:

  • Scandinavian style in which there is pure white, and natural materials;
  • hi-tech, where white is combined with chrome gray;
  • Retro and minimalist, where as “fire and ice” agreed white with red.

Do not be afraid of white. Caring for modern materials has become much easier – leave stains in seconds without harming the surface. Being in such a space placates – at any time of the day and night in the kitchen of white color harmony will reign.

Green Kitchen

In the world there are thousands of shades of green and almost all of them perfectly fit into the interior kitchen facilities. Bright shades of green are ideal for rooms with windows “to the south”, and create an eternal spring bright shades of green in a room with windows “in the north”.

Green palette is universal: playing with different combinations of colors, it is possible to “add” or “remove” meters, to arouse the appetite, or to blunt the feeling of hunger. The specified color in combination with yellow and red shades appetizing palette, while the green and brown and white suppresses it.

Designers recommend using in creating interior of kitchen:

  • Lime. Bright shades of green will fill the room with energy, give vivacity in the morning.
  • Pistachio. Pale, quiet shades are calming.
  • Lime. Fresh shades motivated to step forward and to the exploits.

The green color and its many shades – a great alternative to the traditional white and beige kitchen. Due to the diverse palette of shades of green, the kitchen will always prevail, and the freshness of spring, as well as one of the styles in which this color looks perfect: province, country, classical and minimalist.

Tip: do not do the kitchen in olive color as the shade of a feeling of anxiety and even depression.

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen.

The choice of color for the kitchen – is one way to express their own tastes and opinions, which, ultimately, is driven by the power of imagination. Creativity and inspiration in the design of the interior plays an important role and affects how it is perceived in the room every day.

When planning your kitchen designers recommend to use at least two or three colors in a 50/50 ratio of 60-30-10, where:

  • 60% – is the dominant color;
  • 30% – recessive shade;
  • 10% – the accent.

It is very convenient to combine colors using such schemes:

  • Contrast. Colors equivalent to oppose each other.
  • The analogue. Choose colors from the spectrum of colors follow the same color perception.
  • Monochrome. It uses the basic color and its shades.

To pick up the colors in the end was not meaningless to know how to antique kitchen cabinets, not to spoil the picture, it is enough to take advantage of nuances given below:

  • The white color looks great with red and eternal antagonist – black, but gray and blue white cannot be combined in the kitchen.
  • Green palette perfectly combined with natural shades: orange, brown, or red.
  • Red range (if you take the color of the base) must be diluted with white, black or brown, but it is dangerous to add to it as the second green color. The decor of yellow and orange will not spoil the overall picture.
  • Orange – one of the few colors and red.
  • Brown color in the kitchen looks favorably with natural hues – orange and green (pistachio, lemon). Unusual, but very attractive looks brown with a light blue and pink.
  • The black color looks nobly with any partner, whether it is light or dark, pastel or saturated colors. It is especially advantageous looks black with a gold, silver or bronze.
  • Blue tint, especially turquoise or celestial, will make the perfect couple with red, brown, yellow and orange, but with a white or black is not necessary to combine.

Apply one or another color, you cannot at once: it is enough to change the color of one of the walls or buy furniture, and then, taking the favorite color for the foundation, gradually come to harmony.

A suitable color for the kitchen.

According to designers, the perfect color to create dishes is: white, green and brown, but each person, creating a unique design, the right to choose its color. It is important to remember that affects:

  • size of the room;
  • ceiling height;
  • kitchen lighting natural and artificial light;
  • Purposes for which design changes.

Knowing these details, choose the appropriate color will not be difficult for the antiquing kitchen cabinets.

Even without the skills of creating a tough interior, just use the above tips to the kitchen room was warm, cozy, never lost the appetite, always in a good mood.

It is best to start the installation of fixed lighting devices under construction or repair (up to plastering walls). Installation work is desirable to paint. At this time, the easiest way to change the angle of illumination, add freestanding lamps, switches replace conventional light dimmers.

Chandelier on the ceiling over the center of the middle lights without touching the corners. The same problem often gives rise to a number of spotlights placed on the perimeter of the antique kitchen cabinet. And it is not so much in the power and number of lamps as in selected models, lighting (spot, accentuating and so forth.) And the ability to arrange them. Even in the smallest kitchen you can use every corner, using the right lighting.

Residents of the upper floors, sometimes ponder: “What is the best windows in the roof, or specially designed for kitchen lighting» Lighting suspension devices installed on thoughtful places and help to hide defects, and concentrate look at all that in the interior of the well.

Total light allows you to combine chandeliers and spotlights lighting, suspended light systems and wall sconces. Excellent solution – electrified with 2 circuits: for working and for additional lighting. The background light should be uniform, saturated and designed according to the rule 20 Watts of incandescent light bulbs in the 1st quarter. The optimal lighting for kitchens – 300 lux. An important role for both lamps and luminaires. So, the kitchen lamps lampshades diffuse and soften the overall light.

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