How to choose modern kitchen faucet: durable and effective models

Did you know that kitchen faucets daily withstand a tremendous load? It is estimated that a faucet in the kitchen uses on average 10 times more often than his counterpart, who settled in bath. How to choose a kitchen faucet which will serve not one year?  It should be convenient and reliable, not struggling out from kitchen design and make a single ensemble with sink.

Faucets for bathroom and kitchen have a lot in common. These objectives and management principles, materials, innards. But each device has its secrets and extra features. Faucets are divided into single, twin valve and contactless.

  • Twin valve faucet is a traditional device with two taps (for hot and cold water). They are chosen by people who prefer a classic interior or a kitchen in retro style.
  • Single valve faucets is the faucet with single handle. It is chosen by 80% of consumers. The reason is that such cranes can be opened in one motion, quickly set the desired water temperature, the little finger of one hand change the rate of flow of water. This is the reason, why single valve faucets are more economical.
  • Touchless faucets do not require effort in the process of opening. It is enough to bring a hand or pot under the faucet and the water will flow by itself. In general, these electronic products are up to the present time occupies a relatively modest niche in the market of consumer goods. This can be explained by the high price of goods and limited model range. Many brands offer a combined design – electro-mechanical faucets. They can be operated automatically or by arm – by your choice. The convenience of this design is obvious, but the price is correspondingly high. Not every family can afford such a faucet. The main difference between kitchen and bathroom faucets are the shape and size of the water jet. These parameters are important from the point of view of aesthetics and ergonomics. Stream kitchen faucet needs to fall exactly in the centre of the shell, otherwise it will be inconvenient to wash dishes.

The spout of the kitchen faucet may be low, high and very high. The higher is spout, the more water is sprayed and the greater is pressure. At low spout faucet design is extremely inconvenient to wash larger dishes. In the sink, which is equipped with a faucet, you can not put the utensils. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between the height of the spout of the faucet and a deep bowl sink. The lower is the spout, the bowl needs to be deeper. Are you afraid of making a mistake? Pay attention to manufacturers that take a comprehensive approach to the problem and produce the series, which includes a sink, and a faucet, and several accessories.

Additional functions of modern kitchen faucets

Faucet with a pull-out spout allows you to wash large dishes and dishes of complex shape in a sink.

The owners of country houses would like to arrange the sink in front of the window. Now this problem is solved. Modern kitchen faucets are completed by a bayonet fastening. The crane just pulled out from the cap and is placed on the countertop. There is another solution to this problem. You can buy a kitchen faucet, spout in which does not just rotate on its axis, but is placed on the sink (rotating around a horizontal axis). Of course, such products cost much more than standard, but allow you to make such a kitchen design what you want.

You can find modern kitchen faucets with built-in switch for washing machine or dishwasher, rice cookers or coffee makers (for example, the faucet “Safir classics” from Oras) in great variety on sale. This feature allows you to avoid laying additional pipes for machinery and protects from accidental flood. There is a small lever, which switches on the housing of the mixer, for blocking the access of water to the devices.  So, with this mixer you do not need to crawl under sink to turn off the water, and the condition of the lever can always be kept under control.

Some brands offer kitchen faucets with an integrated water filtration system. These two spout faucets: one faucet flowing ordinary tap water, which is used for washing dishes, another tap – for drinking. There are also cranes, where two currents of water, which are placed in a single spout, and this unfiltered water is not mixed with filtered.

How is purified water in the kitchen faucet? Most devices are equipped with very high quality dual cleaning system. Firstly, water passes through the membrane, getting rid of sludge, lime and other harmful impurities. It then passes through a carbon filter, which removes chlorine and organic substances that affect the taste of water and smell it. Such models of faucets are equipped with LCD indicator. It shows the message about the need to change the filter.

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