How to choose material for tall kitchen cabinets

Chipboard or chipboard is made of dry wood chips with formaldehyde resin in tall kitchen cabinets. Laminated variant (chipboard) is not only used in the manufacture of frames, but also in the outer cladding facades. Thickness from 1.6 cm to 2.4 cm. Do not durable, swell and deform when exposed to moisture.


MDF is made of wood chips, crushed into powder and natural polymer – lignin. Durable and eco logical, – and thermal resistance (hot steam on), not expensive and easily decorated. Often used when creating the frame, and at facing facade.

Wood for frames is rarely used because of the high cost. Creating a frame of solid wood is only justified beliefs customer.

  • Constructions
  • National “designers” are easy to install and convenient to transport.
  • Glued frames stronger teams, are made in factories are delivered to the customer ready-made modules.
  • Whole facades involve the use of one type of material and the solid door cabinets.
  • Frame facades have a profile (frame) and a panel (box). Interesting aluminum profiles to ensure maximum service life and the use of the headset facing glass panels with photographic images (this fashion trend).


The enamel is sensitive to acids and mechanical shocks, but it looks aesthetically pleasing and has a wide range of colors.

  • PVC film. It is not particularly strong or durable, but c heap. A variety of colors and textures. Disadvantage: peel the film under the influence of hot steam.
  • Plastic rolled on the board substrate, has a lot of advantages: durable, thermostable, resistant to mechanical stress (do not leave marks on the hot items, not scratched).
  • Acrylic facades – a kind of plastic with a glossy or smooth surface, easy to scratch, but it can be sanded, restoring the original appearance.
  • Wooden array often frame. Preferably, oak, acacia, ash or beech; often used pine, spruce, larch. Be sure to varnish coating.

Veneers – the finest natural wood plate, attached to the panel-based.

Chipboard – budget and attractive option is not practical.

A popular way to finish, having a plurality of color and compositional solutions. Noticeable “greasy fingerprints” fingertips, it’s a minus. Scratch-resistant: traces remain, but implicit. Neutral to high temperatures.

Wooden countertops require careful treatment, easily scratched and salted.

Glass table tops are made of durable glass, impact resistance and unpretentious. Versions (printing, impregnation, effects, patterns, various forms) are endless.

Countertops made of artificial stone

  • Ceramic tile. It requires careful maintenance and timely restoration of grout at the joints. But you can be creative and perform a dining table and other work surfaces mosaic style.
  • Artificial stone is made of acrylic and mineral fillers, the widest palette of colors and textures. Absolutely eco logical, does not absorb moisture, is tolerant to detergents. Apart from corrosion at high temperatures, the ideal artificial stone.
  • Stone artificial inferior only in terms of price (more expensive).
  • Stainless steel. These countertops rarely are widely used in homes, but are essential in the food industry. Hygienic, unpretentious care, a relatively low cost. Latest in high-tech style.

What material for the kitchen is better and why?

Even with the financial capacity necessary to give preference to the frame and MDF panels – they are lighter and more functional wood massifs in the least exposed to aggressive factors. Tempered glass and aluminum frame – food favorites, perfectly combined with each other. This streamlined version on all parameters: durability, hygiene, impact strength, the ability to replace parts.

Materials for the repair of the kitchen

The most inexpensive option is chipboard.

Particleboard is quite suitable for the frame: the shell itself is hidden behind a facade. Some may confuse used in their manufacture and production of formaldehyde. In this case it is necessary to give preference to MDF: to finish drawers and internal shelves it is laminated and cached different covers, so you can choose a suitable color.

In preferred designs glued frame facade – it is durable and allows the imagination run wild at full strength if made to order. If we purchase the finished set, then the design features important tips there: all the taste of the buyer.

The materials for the kitchen fronts must be sufficiently resistant to cleaning agents and fade-resistant, shock, moisture and high temperatures. Enamel is one of the most durable options for facade cladding. The first coating is resistant to heat and shock.

  • Acrylic artificial stone in the kitchen. For the best countertop materials are stainless steel and tempered glass. They are not subjected to the growth of bacteria on the surface corrosion due to high temperature effects and do not absorb moisture.
  • Acrylic artificial stone inferior in resistance to damage – it just scratched. And depending on the mineral filler is determined by the resistance to hot skillet. Tables made of natural stone – a very expensive undertaking, but justified her eternal life. A wood material for countertops for the kitchen, though aristocratic, but it will eventually cracks and deep scratches on the stone – no.

What materials can be finished or upgrade the kitchen – a budget option

If you wanted to change, does not need to spend money on new furniture. Every designer thinks it his duty to tell you what materials you can decorate the kitchen inexpensively. In the tall kitchen cabinets easily find the necessary materials for the renovation of the kitchen.

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