How to choose custom design kitchen

If you ask the hostess how she sees her kitchen, she will most likely answer: beautiful and comfortable. Therefore manufacturers of kitchen furniture offer a wide range of products that can satisfy any request. So how to understand what kind of kitchen do you need? Because today it is possible to buy custom design kitchens and you have the wide field for choosing.

If you are a business woman and I try to spend a little time in the kitchen try to think carefully about placing of kitchen appliances. Thus you reduce the cooking time. If you have a big family, you need the most spacious and functional furniture. How will the kitchen on order look like? This can be a studio-kitchen (combined with living room, often with a bar), kitchen exclusively for cooking, kitchen-dining room. Perhaps you will need to add extra appliances in the kitchen, for example, a washing machine.

Decide what color of furniture you want. First of all you must submit the color scheme of the entire room. This may be kitchen in one color or it can be the combination of colors. For this purpose you can invite a professional designer (it is not cheap) or get beautiful kitchens magazine and search there something similar to the kitchen of your dream. In this case chosen colors should create a unified and harmonious atmosphere.

Color plays an important role in designs for kitchens. Blue color brings peace and freshness; Green – relaxation and harmony; yellow and orange improve mood and create a cozy atmosphere; Red irritates, so it is better to choose burgundy or pink tones instead it. Color affects not only the mood but also on your natural desire to eat food. For example, the bright blue color can suppress your appetite while red, yellow and orange contrary increase it. Kitchen of the same color plays in comparison with combinations of colors. For example, kitchen furniture, in which the tender green is adjacent to dim yellow, looks very harmoniously.

Instead of the standard tiles on the working plane of the wall you can use special water-resistant wall panels, which are selected to the color of countertops and give the impression of design integrity. Their cost is slightly higher than the price of even a very good tile but they are simple in installing and do not require pre-treatment of the walls. And a few words about the furniture fittings. Here are variations for every taste and budget. For example, conventional plastic handles “climbed” and lose their color after a year or two. So do not skimp on them. Now fittings are presented in such an amount that even the most demanding customer will be able to choose the right one.

Undoubtedly design plays a significant role in the selection of the kitchen furniture. But the functionality of kitchen units is still in the foreground. How to make the kitchen maximally spacious and comfortable? Firstly the main rule of functional kitchen is the rule of “work triangle”. We are talking about the sequence of location of household appliances. The ideal option is when there is a refrigerator, washing facility, stove, and between them at least 50 cm countertop is located. This arrangement will allow making minimum movements and significantly speeding up the cooking process.

Now let’s talk about the most technologies. Without doubt built-in appliances have the leading positions. It looks luxurious and combines many functions. For example, built-in oven is equipped with a flame sensor, which in the case of the decay of fire cuts off the gas. Surely it is conveniently and safely.

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