How to choose antique kitchen stoves

Today kitchen-studio is the perfect design solution, which enjoys great popularity among the population. In fact, it is an apartment, where the kitchen and living room are combined in one room – it standard walls, partitions and doors are simply not available. This studio-kitchen will be particularly relevant in the case when you want to make a beautiful and original interior in a small apartment. But, of course, and in large rooms it is possible to do.

Home only weigh the “pros and cons”, and also have at least a rough understanding of which way the zoning of the space is better to use in each case with antique kitchen stoves. About it and talk.

From the obvious advantages, it is to provide such moments: kitchen studio is good because it visually expands the space considerably, and the room will penetrate more light. After all, agree that the two windows in the one room – it’s better than one, because it becomes a much more spacious.

Easy using

This is a great option for the busy and lively parties. Plus, there is not such that the owner of the apartment will be periodically “disappearing” from the company – because when you remodel a kitchen in the studio, everything is always in sight, and the conversation is not lost; No need to buy an additional acoustic system or TV in the kitchen – in the living area can accommodate all so that will be seen and heard from any part of the apartment.

Now let’s talk about the shortcomings. Just remember that everything is ambiguous, because for someone of any nuance is a disadvantage, but for someone on the contrary – nothing on impact. And we are particularly talking about these points: no separate rooms in the apartment. It has to do in most cases, of course, are the bathrooms, but it’s still not the same. So think well – if you like privacy, but let’s say, a spouse will continue to organize the company, the studio kitchen design – probably not for you. Smells of cooking will be distributed throughout the apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the availability of powerful extract. If high-quality ventilation to organize does not work due to some technical features of the apartments, the kitchen in the studio, in the common space will be unnecessary.

Kitchen remodeling

The price of such projects is usually high. And not just because of the cost of materials and labor, but also due to the fact that often the demolition of the old walls and in general for kitchen remodeling, require special permits. Therefore take note that such a repair – it is not “economy version” even when everything is done with his own hands, and not by hired masters. Tip: do not start dismantling the old walls without the permission of Architects. Otherwise there is a risk not only damaging the house, but also a “hit” on the heavy fines. In general, we have dealt with the basic features, which have such a plan, and now proceed to practical advice.

Zoning space you need to visually divide the area of the apartments into several functional areas. In principle, you cannot share anything, but delimited space is much more convenient to use. Especially, when the kitchen-studio 20 m or less. First, if the lighting is properly planned, it is possible to turn on the lights only in the area of the house where necessary.

Secondly, if you have a kitchen studio of 18 m and live in an apartment a few people, and no visual separation on any zones, it will be very hard to relax, or vice versa – to work. For example, someone needs to sleep, but someone at this time will work on your computer – it does not interfere with each other in such a situation? Comfort here is possible only when there is at least some semblance of walls – shelves, racks, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the zoning methods. Put such barriers between the living room and kitchen, and is made mostly of metal, wood, or drywall. It can be as ordinary shelves, and remnants of the old walls, which are specifically not dismantled until the end and have projections to which you can put any objects. The photograph below clearly shows how it can be implemented.

And you can make a very interesting – if the shelves are wide, then on one side of them can keep souvenirs and books, for example, and a second different accessories. Alternatively, the formulation may kitchen studio using glass septum. In this case it turns out that the wall as it is, but at the same time is not violated unity across space and the flat light is evenly distributed.

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