How to choose a chandelier for maple kitchen cabinets

If the ceiling does not fit into your plans, and you still decided to limit ourselves to a single lamp in the center of the kitchen, pay attention to the following points when choosing a chandelier or lamp.

In the small kitchen is no place for complex fixtures with ornate design. It is necessary to give preference to concise, compact models of lighting fixtures. They look much better in a small kitchen, not to attract too much attention; do not overload the space visually and easily fit into any decor in a contemporary style.


Chandelier should be compact, but not small. A small lamp with fine details will only accentuate the already modest dimensions of the kitchen. The most important thing – to withstand proportions.

Your choice – with no chandeliers hanging in maple cabinets kitchen , which are mounted directly to the ceiling. The closer to the ceiling surface of the adjacent ceiling chandeliers, the less precious concealed height. But if you decide to make the suspended ceiling, be careful when choosing a lamp and light bulbs for him. Incandescent bulbs can make it yellow spots.

Smooth unpleasant effect on the low ceiling will chandelier, ceiling lamps that light is not down (such lighting visually conceals more scarce height) and upwards. This light creates visually lifts the ceiling and creates on its surface an interesting game of shadows.

Flat ceiling lamp in the form of “plates” or a box-rectangle is ill-suited for the kitchen. The light from it will be too dim.

For chandeliers or pendant lights with an open canopy should use matte light bulbs. In the small kitchen they will not dazzle the eye and give a soft, pleasant, diffused light. But if the shade or cover is decorated with perforations, choose a transparent light bulb. Then the shadows on the ceiling and walls will become more effective.

One option – to use single spotlights instead of recessed luminaires for lighting along the front of the kitchen. But in this case, cannot do without gypsum boxes.

Another option – a convenient and budget – to buy a spot with 2-5 (or more if necessary) lamps on the bus. For the installation of the luminaire need only one electrical issue in the center of the ceiling. But the kitchen lighting will be much more uniform and higher quality than that of a conventional “loner”. In addition, these lamps are very convenient to adjust, if necessary by changing the direction of light. To choose the right power the lamp, it will be possible to do without a local lighting the dining area.

Highlighting the work area

Details about the options for local illumination of the working area in the kitchen, you can read in this article. As a rule, the size of the kitchen to choose lighting is not affected, so you can easily follow the recommendations contained therein.

In the small kitchen, especially washing is often in the farthest corner of the window. To wash the dishes it easier and more enjoyable, take care of the lamp above the sink. Only it must be protected from moisture.

How to choose the kitchen for a small kitchen, a review of popular models and pitfalls when buying, especially small kitchen corners depending on the price and materials – in our review.

Ready corners for small kitchens

Select the size and packaging

By choosing kitchenette is already beginning after at least willing to approximate the design project of your kitchen and accurately known dimensions of the future dining area.

The minimum dimensions of the finished maple cabinets kitchen for small kitchens, which can be found in Moscow online-store furniture, start from 1010h1010 mm. These models are often completed with a round or square dining table and stools. Often these are called mini headset manufacturers corners. Learn more about them you can read in this review.

If the size of your kitchen area allows you to select more, pay attention to the model L-shaped (popular sizes 850h1500mm, 1100h1600mm, etc.). To such the sofa is well suited rectangular dining table.

When choosing a small corner, pay attention to the depth of the seat. It can be 420, 430, 450 or 460 mm.

Types of parts for a small kitchen

Practical corner

The angle of the sofa the most functional and very often is a complete seating position with a rounded back. Such models are more spacious and can be safely used even in the smallest of kitchens. Some corners are open shelves. They can keep the useful things, put things kitchen decor or flowers. Sometimes they serve as a mini-bar.

Built-in storage boxes

Frequently corner equipped with built-in drawers and niches for storage. Most models provide access to folding seats. Less storage boxes are retractable with maple kitchen cabinets with granite countertops .


A popular option – a small kitchenette with a sliding-trans-berth. In this article you will learn how can a kitchen area with a sleeping place for different types of transformation and other important nuances of the selection of sofas.

Most parts of the economy class, designed for a small kitchen, not collapsible. But you can buy a handy kitchen sofa of two or three modules. They can be used either together or separately.

Is it worth doing kitchen to order?

If you have the opportunity to order a corner on the individual sizes, for a small kitchen that option will be the best choice. The size range will be much wider than the finished furniture. Should such a corner is more expensive, but you can use every centimeter of the most effective dining area.

Many manufacturers offer to produce the sofa in standard sizes of maple wood kitchen cabinets, but you can choose the material and color of the body, appearance and decor of upholstery that perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen. This option is much more affordable.

Many companies offer free call specialist gagger that will not only help to calculate the size and choose the configuration of the future corner, but also bring with them a catalog with samples of upholstery and materials for housing.

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