How make metal kitchen cabinets more comfortable?

For a kitchen fit: especially good for small kitchens square shape, but also in the rectangular it is quite appropriate. Metal kitchen cabinets furniture is arranged along one wall, takes up little space and is suitable for even the smallest space. It remains more space for a dining area. Small straight kitchen sets are cheaper than other options.


For a kitchen fit: a rectangular elongated.

Intelligent solutions for the upper metal kitchen cabinets:

  1. The high wall cabinets instead of the standard

The standard height cabinets in 700-720 mm are often not enough to hold everything you need. A good option for a small kitchen – order the unit with cupboards to the ceiling. Usually, their height is 900-950 mm.

Such cases are much more spacious than usual. Plus their top, resting on the ceiling will not collect dust.

If you make them semi-transparent glass door and install the LED lights, the ceiling will visually appear higher and the front kitchen easier.

Table top: wood, artificial stone (composite or agglomerate) or ceramic tiles. Budget option – a plastic table top made of particleboard with a pattern under a tree or a stone.

Accessories: Choose handles with classic design – staples, buttons, and shells. Best suited handles with ceramic inserts – white or painted in the flower, without rhinestones, antique, with a noticeable touch of patina and worn surface.

2.Cleaning: round / square of artificial stone or ceramic. If the price is only suitable cleaning stainless steel – look matt model. Mixer chooses a retro design. It can be white, black, brass, bronze or old silver.

Appliances: stylized antique. Look for hobs, ovens and built-in microwave oven white or black with gold / bronze handles – to match the kitchen fittings. Choosing the hood, too, guided by design: let it be a dome model with a decorative cap. Folding and lifting facades instead of swing doors

Hinged door wall cabinets require space, which is not a small kitchen. In addition to these doors easy to hit your head and put a bump.

When ordering a kitchen set in a small kitchen, not stingy on the modern facades of hoisting. Folding, folding and lifting the door slowly opened, closed and easily fixed in the open position, when you need it.

  1. Corner shelf-carousel

The angular space in the hanging lockers you can use to better advantage if you purchase a convenient rotating section with shelves. It will provide a convenient overview and quick access to content.

  1. Convenient height shelves

Shelves inside wall cabinets can be made of different heights – so you can more closely and effectively fill the interior of the containers, jars and boxes.

  1. Narrow retractable pencil case

An analogue of the popular bottle, which is often used in outdoor cabinets. Perfectly fills uncomfortable narrow niche, which often remain in the design of the headset in a small kitchen. Retractable design with 2-3 shelves attached to the facade and allows you to use the maximum amount of cabinets.

Is it worth doing a little furniture with open shelves in metal kitchen cabinets?

It is believed that the cabinets with open shelves look better than closed. But they have two major drawbacks. Firstly, the contents of the shelves will be visible, and supplies the kitchen utensils and small are not always aesthetically pleasing look. This will create a sense of confusion. Second, open shelves to easily collect dust and kitchen plaque – do the cleaning in the kitchen you will have a lot more often. Therefore, this solution is suitable only for very neat housewives. If you want to save time on cleaning the kitchen, it is best to order headsets with closed cabinets.

The best solution for vintage metal kitchen cabinets

When you create a vintage metal kitchen cabinets set the main task – to make sure that all the content of floor cabinets has been readily available. Let’s see what offer solutions for these purposes, producers of kitchen furniture.

  1. Boxes instead of swing doors

In the small kitchen floor cupboards with hinged doors uncomfortable double. If you do not want each time to remove their contents, dropping to her knees to reach something in the desired depth, make kitchen units with drawers.

If your budget is limited to the purchase of the kitchen, try to find a way to get at least a couple of deep and roomy Meta boxes to store them in what is most often used: cereals, sugar, vegetable oil, pots and pans.

  1. Dividers and organizers for drawers

For all supplies had its permanent place, think carefully about the internal organization of the lockers headset. This is especially important for small kitchens. Inside the drawers is to use separators.

  1. Elements for increasing the volume of boxes

Metal sidewall drawers often have a standard height – 150 mm. Because of this, the box is not fully used. To increase the useful volume, use so-called expanders – metal or plastic tubes, which are attached to the front and rear of the boxes. Their walls are higher, and your little headset together a lot more supplies, dishes and utensils.

  1. Narrow drawers

If you love to cook, be sure to order the kitchen with at least one. Everything you need for cooking will always be at hand. Sliding shelves and baskets (width of bottle – 15-25 cm) – ideal for narrow niches that remain when attempting to enter the set of kitchen modules of standard size in a very small kitchen with a standard layout.

  1. Pull and fittings for corner cabinets

An excellent choice for a small kitchen – set to “smart” storage systems. The choice of such mechanisms is impressive: the shelf-carousel “magic corners”, the system will “train” shelves, mesh containers, wire basket. Their mission – to facilitate access to the mistress of the dishes and utensils, which will be stored in the back of the kitchen modules.

Quality fittings will make a small set more expensive, but the costs will pay off many times your convenience.

  1. “Smart” cabinet under the sink

The space under the kitchen sink is often wasted. And there can be stored detergents and cleaning supplies – here they are always at hand. See what successful solutions offer manufacturers of kitchen fittings.

The drawer with a U-shaped cutout allows the mind to use the space on the left and right of the sink, even in the small kitchen set

The drawer with a U-shaped cutout allows the mind to use the space on the left and right of the sink, even in the small kitchen set

What are the facades to choose for a vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale?

Smooth, laconic, unadorned and catchy parts. Decorative milling, panels – all this visual overload the small space.

The compact kitchen is no place for headsets with radius curved facade of complex shape. The only exception: if you have a small kitchen corner, inner corner of the headset can be rounded.

The best option for a small kitchen – furniture with facades from MDF painted with a glossy coating with protective varnish. Beautiful shine and give the plastic or acrylic facades, but more difficult to care for them.

Vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale has a magical effect. Reflecting the light, the doors give the space a small depth, and even the tiny kitchenette will seem a little more. Copes with the same task facades with metallic effect.

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