How make antique kitchen décor?

Kitchen – a place where a woman spends a considerable amount of non-working time. To have more time for family bought different things, the purpose of which is to speed up the cooking process. However, all these things need to be stored somewhere. It is a vicious circle. The more things appear designed to make life easier for the mistress – the greater the difficulties it has to overcome in order to organize them. Also, to ensure easy access to them. It is important not to clutter the space. How to strike a balance in this case? Easily! We investigated together.

Make home better

Ideal repair and fashionable furniture is not fully breathe life into your room. What would it became warm and cozy, you need to add something of their own, private, emphasizing your skill and care of the household. Kitchen decoration by yourself will provide the multiple benefits. These include: self-expression. Thus, you achieved the effect of two in one – you can practice your favorite hobby and find it practical antique country kitchen décor: a reflection of taste and abilities owners of the house. Objects, interior details, no matter how simple they were not – are always individual. Even if there is a ready guide and two people make on it the same thing – it is unique. Because each of them brings something different.

Ideas for improvement of a kitchen can be divided into several areas: the organization of space – all the tricks that will use the space efficiently; functionality – everything that makes beautiful things practical; decoration – elements to decorate the kitchen. Let’s talk about each of these in more detail.

You know, to embody the idea of decoration for the kitchen with his hands will be in the context of the above-described directions. To make the most of them do not need a guide, enough photos and a little imagination. The first and most important factor that can motivate you to work – it is the lack of space at its irrational use. And the presence of so-called “dead zones”. The latter include those places which may be used, but access to them difficult. The first is: corner cabinets. To improve the efficiency of their use is suitable magical corner – the mechanism of the two baskets. Each of which is storage space. The convenience of this design is that the first of the baskets (one that is fixed to the door) travels forward. The second (which is connected to the first and the sled moves) to the door leaves. So you get free access to the contents of your closet.

Frequent use

The cabinet on the photo to equip several storage – a countertop on top, which is closed. On the door are equipped with shelves, middle – shelf-carousel. Deep drawers can be placed.

Price presented pieces of furniture is high enough. But what prevents draw inspiration from them and do something like that with his own hands. This goal is achieved through a variety of small things, the purpose of which make beautiful things useful properties. Among the examples are the following: holders for curtains.

Holders for kitchen towels. Since a paper kitchen towel is designed for frequent use – it should be “in sight”. You can buy ready-holder, and it is possible to do it yourself. The picture shows the instruction on manufacturing and the finished appearance of the product. At the same time used only cardboard, glue, scissors, and 15 minutes of free time.

This area has no boundaries. And to contribute to the decoration of the room are all members from the youngest to the elderly. At the same time decorating, can be all that comes to hand – the walls, dishes, chairs, cabinets, ceiling, or household appliances. Ideas, in fact – a million.

This is only a tiny fraction of ideas that can be applied in a modern hospital. After all, decor ideas for the kitchen with his hands in one article is difficult to describe. Pay attention to the original design projects. Highlight of them major. Believe in yourself, experiment and do not be lazy – this is a simple recipe for everything unique and multi-functional kitchen space. Tip: If you like the solution with a glass partition, you think it might make sense to hang on one side of the blinds? They can be used to block the penetration of light from one area to another when necessary. Now look at how to make the kitchen-studio with a dining area between the rooms.

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