Housing materials and upholstery for kitchen base cabinets

Most often buy small kitchen base cabinets corners economy. Therefore, in an assortment of shops finished furniture for the kitchen dominated by a model with a laminated chipboard or solid pine enclosure (some manufacturers call this furniture “from an array of coniferous species”). Most popular colors – cherry, walnut, beech, alder, oak, ash or marble.


Fewer corners for small kitchens are made of MDF. Models with the body parts of the array of noble wood (birch, beech or oak), tend to make only on order.

With regard to upholstery, the most popular options – special furniture fabric. Imitation of leather is more common, it is quite logical – to care for it much easier than in any tissue. Read more about the enclosure material types of fillers and upholstery of kitchen corners encourage you to read this article. There we were told in detail about that, what materials offer domestic and foreign manufacturers and what features have each of them.

5 very important nuances of base kitchen cabinets

Choosing the area, it is important from the beginning right to decide how it will be – right or left hand.

Even the smallest area may appear more cumbersome than a table with chairs or stools, but to sit on it comfortably. Choose kitchen sofa without armrests and volume of pillows – dining group will seem visually easier.

If the kitchen is very small, buy small straight sofa or couch without back with mounted cushions, which are fastened to the wall with the rating or Velcro tape.

If you have a small kitchen and a close but often guests, set to buy a couch pullout sofa or dining table-trans-.

Models with foam polyurethane parts are more expensive than their counterparts with foam. However, the difference in price is justified: Polyurethane retains its shape better and lasts much longer.

Kitchen Renovation – a process that requires special attention, because the kitchen – one of the most functional space in the house. Here is the process of cooking, the whole family, greeted the guests. It is important to have everything at hand; there was a place and a space to relax in the kitchen.

Other ideas for kitchen base cabinet

For many residents, renovated kitchen is a kind of stage to achieve harmony in the house, creating a warm atmosphere and comfort. It should be noted that the kitchen renovation anyway is strictly individual and depends primarily on the layout of the premises.

This, of course, the dimensions of the kitchen. The main thing is to ensure maximum free space, because it is certainly the kitchen should be comfortable and spacious, so that it can be like a good time, and cook, which should also be sufficiently simple and functional.

Thus, the main rules in the kitchen renovation – the presence of free space, which will be convenient to spend, time all tenants of the apartment.

Where to begin renovation of the kitchen? Designing starts with an assessment of the current space and the possibility of its extension for a large family. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you must also make sure that there is extra space away from the “working area”.

It is necessary to organize the renovation of the kitchen properly. First dismantled old furniture and bathroom. Next, the window changes, if you have not previously installed the new windows in the house. This must be done so that after not plastered over the walls and shoot down new tile or not to rip off the wallpaper, so the most difficult and important work is carried out in the beginning.

The next step is carried out all the measurements of door and window openings, size of the room and the kitchen is drawn project. It allows you to determine exactly where there will be a gas cooker, where to install the sink, where he planned to outlet. Therefore, it would be nice just to decide what kind of kitchen furniture you plan to install in order to properly arrange all the items.

Since the installation of kitchen cabinet base furniture is the final stage of the renovation of the kitchen. And it depends on the type of room layout; depending on this will be posted plumbing, a dining area and an area for cooking. But determine the type of cuisine you need to advance, it will help to plan the placement of important technical elements.

Quite often it began to appear a variety of soft corners. Of course, it is nonsense of course, but, nevertheless, this decision fully to feel a bit more space and be able to relax a little.

Even the traditional solution in the kitchen island cabinets base was the TV it is quite possible to install in furniture. However, it is best just to the wall opposite the seating area, to experience maximum comfort.

At the stage of creating the kitchen space concept, it is important to work out the plan. In fact, the kitchen must necessarily include every single furniture items that just might need.

This and a variety of cabinets, which should be kept cooking utensils and washing and a table with chairs. In some individual cases, it has made room for meals separately from the kitchen, but it is a very relative term and is more suitable for those who are the owners of large mansions.

For those who are not, you can try and combine the kitchen and a room for food intake in the same room. To this end, it should be noted that the room should be large enough that it can fit the whole family.

How to make a kitchen island with base cabinets

It will also create a home holidays, during which all will want to sit in at the table. In order to make the correct floor plans, you need to take care of a timely alignment of many other pieces of furniture. It is important to conserve any place in the kitchen, for the benefit of the owner.

It is important that kitchen furniture perfectly fit into the overall layout of the room and did not create a contrast. To do this, just need to select a single color the product in a manner appropriate to the house.

If the house has a bright tone, enough furniture is characterized by use of the same color that will certainly allow you to feel more freedom and sailed emotions during the stay in the room.

If the design of the house has a classic style, and the kitchen cabinets have to be maintained in the same perspective. At this ratio the most practical solution would be the product of expensive wood, decorated with hand-carved, which in turn allows you to fully comply with the overall concept of style and design.

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