Hand-made kitchen decoration

Any householder spends most of their time in the kitchen. It’s not just a place for cooking. A kitchen or a dining room is where the whole family comes for food and entertainment. Of course any woman would like her kitchen to be not just comfortable and multifunctional but stylish as well.

A kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house especially when it’s combined with a lounge. This role is caused by a great variety of different elements essential for cooking, meeting friends and just spending most of one’s time when doing something or communicating. Thus, kitchen interior should be both good-looking and functional.

The kitchen interior includes the furniture, its placement, the color of the walls and the window covering. However, the small decoration details can add something special and make the interior complete and perfect. It all depends on the householder wishes and fantasy.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that one should run to the gift shop and buy the figurines, tablecloths, napkins, and all of the other unnecessary things. The best way is when each decoration element is functional. For example, such plain and useful items as kitchen knives and chopping boards can make a great decoration.

Today hand-made kitchen decoration has become very popular. This hobby is really amusing and interesting. One can choose the hand-made cross-stitched, painted, or scrap-booking picture. Usually they depict nature scenes such as landscape or flowers, but sometimes there can be images of good-looking dishes, fruits, and berries. If you like hand-made decorations use the special stitching, coloring and scrap-booking sets.

Another popular way to decorate a kitchen is arranging flowers. Indeed nothing is more beautiful than natural flowers but original artificial bunches will be delighting you for a long time. Those flower arrangements create the particular cozy kitchen. Use your fantasy and create your own arrangement of lovely flowers to decorate the working zone.

Even the smallest kitchen can look comfortable and expensive due to the unique walls decoration and ergonomic ideas. The main rule is that all the elements should be of a common style. The principles for the successful kitchen decoration are room organization, functionality, and utility.

So, if you are tired of your ordinary kitchen and if you’re not ready for the major remodeling, the kitchen decoration is just what you need to solve the problem.

Don’t forget that kitchen area consists of the two totally different zones – dining and cooking.

The decoration should separate the two zones yet they should match each other in style and color.

Nowadays design services and hand-made skills are well developed and add many ways to decorate  the kitchen area.

One doesn’t have to be a professional designer to create something like:

  • household appliances painting;
  • hood decoration;
  • clock and pictures made of kitchen appliances;
  • open shelves with preserves;
  • plates board;
  • bright oven mittens;
  • lamp shade in dining zone;
  • original magnets;
  • boxes for change;
  • decorated ceiling lamps;
  • towel holders;
  • blinds fixings;
  • designed fridge;
  • kitchen cabinets decor;
  • pots with greens;
  • chair covers;
  • framed cupboards;
  • decorated bottles.

Pay attention to the kitchen window decoration. This is also a place to let your imagination run free. Real needlewoman won’t leave it at blinds. Kitchen blinds can be decorated with the butterflies, flowers, fruits and berries decor. It can be both magnets and clasp-pins attached to the textile. Also the windows can be decorated with silicon stickers and figures.

It is interesting to create a season style decoration. In winter, you can put plates with mandarins and a pine branch ikebana over the table. To accent spring mood use flower pots and bunches of field flowers. You can also try to breed dill and parsley. Decorate your kitchen with berries and vegetables in summer. And the autumn mood reveals in mountain ash branches and leaves.

This is just a small part of all the modern kitchen decors. The numerous original ideas can help you to create your perfect kitchen. Get ready to experiment and it will be a success.

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