Green Kitchen Cabinets – Traditional Kitchen Design

The green color is the most relaxing and natural, it reminds about the grassy hills and the trees with the leaves appearing in spring. There are lots of design ideas that can be implemented in the different types of houses – to create the cozy atmosphere or make the excellent décor for the luxury houses with the sophisticated interiors.

It is obviously the predominant color in the nature world, so in our homes it helps to create the special atmosphere and make the kitchens more spacious, high and deep. The gradation of the shades can be the great solution, it makes the fresh impression. When you enter into this room you feel peace and the proper equilibrium of the colors.

Green is the result of cool blue and warm yellow, so the combinations with the other colors are diverse without the differentiation. This color comforts, especially after the long and hard day, and makes you feel yourself comfortable at home.

It is associated with nature, springtime, renewal and creation; it gives the feeling of something completed. It’s timeless, because nature can’t be out of favor; it’s like your favorite tree in the garden of the forest with the evergreens. So the best decoration for the interior will be the house plants in the little pots on the windowsills. It will refresh the atmosphere and make it cozy.

Green is called «the new neutral» color by the modern designers. It gives the sense of tranquility to the room, maybe it can be place where you will forget about the troubles and have a rest. But you can also make here the place to work in or receive guests at the weekends.

The shades of green are various – not only calming and soothing, but also energetic and trendy. Look at the pictures and you’ll see the great diversity of the results. Some of them will fit your house properly, others will be not so good, but the shades have a huge meaning.  Green can be chosen as a central color or be diluted with other colors and shades – all of them should be also natural.


With regard to care for this kitchen, it should be moderate. If we talk about the dark green colors, there should be more attention, dust stands out on such surfaces. So the requirement is such – the cleaning must be gentle and the dusting more frequent and careful. The bright greens are also not an exception – the smudges and dust will be seen, so there should be paid the proper attention to them.

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