Green Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

Green is calming and relaxing, it gives the sense of nature and comfort. Talking about the modern green cabinets they are popular in luxury houses and classy kitchens. This color is the balance between yellow and green, they are warm and cold, and so this combination is universal.

Green has a soothing effect on people and gives reminds about eternal things – renewal, nature and creation. This kitchen will give you a lot of vitality, good mood, positive emotions and freshness.

Think about the shades and choose the favorite, it can be light or bright green, yellow-green, moss, olive, lime, pistachio. Natural wood furniture will look very organically here.

But remember green is not so simple color, for example, in the combination with beige shades it’s perfect, but don’t use them with flashy green, that can be quite tasteless.

The other important thing – fat stains, water streaks and scratches will constantly bother you. So the cleaning will require lots of time.

Photos of green kitchens are displayed in the gallery of our website, examine the interiors and make your final decision.

But first you should know some secrets concerning the color combinations. Green and white is the most classical and harmonious variant. You can also add any bright accents and not to worry about proportions.

Mint and gray-green kitchen combined with light colors and wood is ideal for modern style with a hint of country. Even more popular variant is the white-green kitchen, when the cabinets and the furniture are white, the walls – light green, dark green or gray-green.

Orange and green are two self-contained, bright colors that are just made for kitchens and dining rooms, as increase appetite and mood. The best background for them is white color with the inclusions of pink, blue and yellow shades.

As green is universal and can be combined with all colors of the rainbow, it will look great in almost any interior (indoor plants, accessories, textiles, furniture and décor).

Look at the pictures in the gallery, some shades are dynamic, other – soothing, but the point is the green is timeless. You can use it as the central color or use other shades, making the more contrast.

Green shades have a beneficial effect on the nerves, eyesight, appetite, state of mind, give a feeling of security, filling the room with life-giving power. Green kitchen is not only the place for having a meal, but an island of relaxation and comfort in the house.

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