Great ideas for outdoor kitchen cabinets

The special charm of the kitchen gives a bit of cuisine “artistic mess”. It is thanks to him that looks lived-in kitchen and very cozy. It becomes a full kitchen utensils decor. She does not hide in the closet, and deliberately paraded on a specially adapted for these purpose hangers for pots and pans.


The interior kitchen relevant copper and brass, clay and terracotta. Italian style perfectly complements the metal ornaments in the antique style, and pottery. Kitchen “apron” and even the floor decorated with brightly painted ceramic tiles. The most common motive – traditional Italian food, and all that goes with it: olives, pot-bellied bottle with olive oil, jars of wine, fruit, garlic and traditional peasant dishes. As an added decoration are wicker baskets, which is comfortable to hold many of the necessary things. This kitchen is decorated with all handmade products – embroidered and napkins, patchwork rugs and decorative pillows, chair covers and tablecloths.

Kitchen lighting in the outdoor kitchen cabinets

Comfort cuisine gives the soft side light. The ideal lighting cuisine style lamps are imitating candles and vintage lanterns. It is better to use many lights scattered across different functional areas. Very nice look stylized antique chandeliers and candelabra on the dining table or breakfast bar, wall lights, and even a small table lamp on a shelf or table top work.

We create the design of the kitchen in country style with a pro – choose the furniture, decoration, lighting, décor inspired by the beautiful pictures Country kitchen interiors.

6 will take a country style kitchen interior

  • natural materials
  • a lot of wood in different colors and textures
  • calm natural colors
  • Aged surface
  • wrought iron and wicker items
  • Many cozy “rustic” decor.

Variations in style of outdoor kitchen cabinet

Country is different: Russian, French (Provence), English, German, Italian (Tuscan), Nordic, Mediterranean, American, etc. Feel free to mix parts from different versions in its interior. Country – style laid-back: and no strict rules.

Color spectrum

Remember the most important rule: use in the interior of no more than three colors and generously dilute their neutral shades. Then the space will be harmonious.

The palette of country style – neutral and pastel shades. The French country uses the lighter, bleached or sun-bleached colors. Italian and English country loves more dense and saturated hues.

Interior kitchen in country style is often built on the contrast: light walls, floor and ceiling – the perfect backdrop for dark furniture and bright décor.

In the background are working perfectly different shades of white, beige, brown, dark and light wood. It is organic for the country ocher gamma in combination with bright color spots.

For accents, choose soft and discreet shades of yellow, blue and blue (from cobalt to turquoise), green (olive to light green), red (from red-brown to cranberry) and purple.

Simple and soft: small and large flowers, floral pattern, cell, thin strip and peas.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets kits set

French or English country prefers bright furniture. For Italian or American versions of this style is characterized by dark wood headset. If you have a small kitchen in a typical house, choose a bright kitchen – cannot go wrong.

Kitchen sets country-style facades always have a framework. Design – simple, concise, and a little rough. Deaf doors dilute facades with lattice, stained glass, open shelves with wrought-iron details.

Kitchen set for country kitchens made of MDF or solid. Facades made of MDF covered with veneer, enamel or PVC film (the third option – the most affordable). Finish – always frosted. To make old furniture, furniture manufacturers use patina, and special staining methods.

Swing doors, end cabinets with open shelves, glass facades and wooden layout – all typical signs of rural style.

Instead, Drawer put on the shelf wicker baskets.

Table and chairs

Dining table: round or rectangular, with a top made of solid or veneered MDF with natural wood. Harmonically in country kitchens will look a kitchen table with top made of tiles or artificial stone.

Chairs Kitchen: fully wooden or soft fabric seat. Do you want to create in the kitchen the atmosphere of the villa veranda – put wicker chairs and rattan chairs.

Gather a group of mismatched dining chairs – this simple trick will emphasize the ease and relaxation of country style. Instead of the usual sofa set from solid wooden bench or wicker sofa rattan, throw them a pile of colorful pillows or sheepskin and enjoy the comfort.

Kitchen design in country style – select trim

Paint waterproof paint. Suit various shades of white and cream.

Matt suspended ceiling – inexpensive and practical option. With proper installation, “steals” all 4-5 cm in height.

Wooden wall paneling or MDF panel with wood decor on the ceiling will create in a city apartment country house atmosphere. In the kitchen, with a low ceiling battens light color paint.

Decorative beams made of solid or MDF with natural veneer. The second option – a budget. Put them on top of the can lining or paint. Textured rough wooden beams antique best accentuate the mood of country style to your kitchen. But keep in mind: a ceiling seems to be much lower. MDF frequently make false beams – hollow inside. In them you can hide the wires, cables, pipes or build spotlighting.

The best choice for walls – light shades (neutral beige, cream, milk, vanilla, cream, sand, ivory or champagne).

If you want to add color in the interior – let the walls in the kitchen are yellow, blue, green, terracotta or red-brown. Bright color balances the white or beige – ceiling, floor, and suite.

When choosing materials for walls in the kitchen country, look for such options:

  • Decorative plaster. You can buy ready-made mixes for interior with antique imitation of old plaster. Select compounds with a matte or textured surface effect “Bark” – no pearl. Ideally, the color saturation will be different – somewhere brighter somewhere brighter, like walls burned under the hot Mediterranean sun.
  • Wallpaper. There may be textured for painting. Making an interior kitchen-living room, combine materials. In the kitchen is more practical vinyl or washable wallpaper. In the dining area and living room, you can glue and paper wallpaper with rural motifs and “chintz” patterns: in the interiors of the country-they look especially touching.
  • Decorative brick or stone. Accent walls with imitation brickwork in the kitchen or living room – the card of a modern country style. Ceramic tiles and artificial stone under the old brick wall can be finished completely or put the emphasis – at the dinner table, around a door or window opening.
  • Painting. Choose a water-resistant paint with a velvety matte texture or textured paint with mineral filler.
  • Wooden wall paneling or MDF wood. Tree wall completely or only its lower part. Choose from a pine bunk with a thin seam and beautiful texture and color it white, beige or pastel paint.

Optimal for outdoor kitchen cabinets kits are considered to be two configurations of suites – angular and straight.

It is also called L-shaped or L-shaped. Best for any size kitchen and the most comfortable for the hostess.

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