Gray Kitchen Cabinets – Traditional Kitchen Design

What do we know about this color? He’s neutral – the combination of black and white that are so opposite to each other. Gray can be mixed with a great amount of bright or pastel colors; there are lots of variations for the design solutions. It’s exactly what you need for a kitchen background.

When we see this color it’s associated with intellect, knowledge and wisdom. It’s refined, sleek and sophisticated – the choice for the high-level and expensive interiors. It’s a long-lasting color that reminds about the old photographs or the cinema of the last century. Gray is timeless and classical as a gray suit, it doesn’t look dated, but it depends on the right design solutions for the proper place.

The modern kitchen designs are often based on the strict color schemes – monochromic is the right solution, especially with gray. White and black can be used without doubts, but it’s not the only variant. Make it more traditional or add the modern details – there are no restrictions actually.

Gray may be the central color – this will help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Or use the other shades and colors in contrast, the emphasis may be shifted to the more expressive variants. Gray can be gold or warm; it’s perfect to make the small details and all the kitchen stuff in silver.

Gray is also the good choice for everyday use – on the surfaces of this color dust is not as visible, so there’s no need in the constant cleaning. The plus is that the care of gray kitchen cabinets is not the same as with black and white. It’s easier to clean but still the main purpose is to save the impression of a refined and sleeve interior.

But there should be accented that the dark gray kitchen cabinets should be treated more attentively than the light ones. It should be gentler and more frequent dusting.


Also relevant to the gray kitchen cabinets are the natural colors and shades, especially dark green, red, blue, brown and beige. But the solution depends only on the choice of the owner and the main design idea. There’s no need to make all excepting the kitchen cabinets in gray, you choose the contrasting colors that will catch the attention.

But just little details can make the whole impression different – bright flowers, dishes or curtains. But the combination only with white color will give the space and light atmosphere. The green houseplants refresh the room and make it more joyful.

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