Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

How to describe the grey color? It’s refined and sleek, neutral and elegant. Also something in the middle of black and white, it’s a perfect background for the kitchen design, but surely should be mixed with the other tones. Grey goes not only with black and white, but also with the bright and rich colors.

Grey color associated with intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. It’s sophisticated and especially often can be found in modern homes with the high-end kitchens.

One of its main advantages is a favorable psychological impact on the emotional state. It helps to relieve stress and relaxes, that’s perfect for the nervous and too emotional people who need more balance and stability.

Do not forget about its practicality, as it is one of the least easily soiled colours that can hide different imperfections. Also grey can be used successfully for decorating spacious and small kitchens.

There are lots of grey shades, but maybe not everybody knows it, for example, anthracite, slate, silver, chrome and many others. It should be remembered that in the kitchen must be warm and comfortable atmosphere, so there is no need to use too cold or dark colors, it is better to use the light tones.

Here in the gallery you’ll find the most interesting solutions and see that grey color can be different. One of the most successful combinations is gray and white. These interiors look fashionable and impressive. At desire the white tone can be replaced by less dramatic shade, such as milk or cream.

As the kitchen requires regular cleaning and washing, finishing of the surfaces must be resistant to moisture, detergent and cleaning agents.

In the center of the room should be equipped with a dining area, it’s a bright desk with the top of smoky shade, complemented by similar chairs. The grey kitchen must be created using the bright accents. The feature of gray color is that in the background of any bright hue it is even brighter and more expressive, most often they are red, yellow, orange, purple, more rarely pink, and blue.

For sober and elegant interiors creamy, beige color or wood furniture will be the most harmonious. Remember, the darker gray walls in the kitchen, the lighter shades of the wood are necessary. For modern style you can choose the yellow, red, light green furniture.

The other variant – monochromatic kitchen, don’t choose too dark and cold tone, otherwise it will look gloomy; the preference is to warm and bright shades.

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