Good repair with kitchen hutch cabinets

Repair ideas in the kitchen  equipped with a sleeper is very original and welcoming approach to people willing to spend the night allowing friends and family. You can use the classic book or sofa corner sofa designer. Kitchen set with kitchen hutch cabinets is better to have a linear, although options with a corner suite or diverting the sill under the work surface will look spectacular.


Materials for kitchen need unpretentious and easy to clean:

  • Leather can begin to crumble, but the qualitative will serve for decades;
  • Flock – sturdy, durable and soft;
  • Special upholstery fabrics (chenille, matting)
  • Plush, velvet, velour and leather requires reverent treatment, sparing
  • Clean and non-aggressive detergent.
  • Cords, boucle or micro-matting is well suited for sofa covers, which can be done by hand.

In the eight square meters is difficult to accommodate appliances, set, table with chairs and a sofa, not cluttered space. Therefore, actual union with the living room or the imposition of a sleeping area on the balcony. It must be insulated and equipped with an additional heating system. The window can be left glazed, decorated with stylized frame ornament stained-glass window and the glass itself around kitchen hutch cabinet. You can remove unnecessary details (and window sill), a division of the bedroom and the kitchen area to organize with the help of:

  • Tulle, voile and chiffon;
  • Curtain fabrics (Packard, brocade, pestilence, taffeta);
  • Jute cloth similar to burlap, very rarely used for curtains, but
  • It can be an interesting decor;
  • Blinds – a practical option, a compact and economical: vertical;
  • Horizontal;
  • Accordion (pleated);
  • Window opening can be designed arch, leaving the frame, but removing the glass; exist
  • Special blinds for the arches;
  • Between the original frame shutters, similar to shutters;
  • Roman blinds form soft folds and elegantly ozonized space;
  • Roll-curtains of bamboo are well fit into the interior eco-friendly kitchen.

8 sq. not give room for imagination and association severely limit the living room and the kitchen, so the designers combine two adjacent rooms, one receiving, accommodating all the ideas. In this room it fits a large kitchen, the most advanced consumer electronics, and a dining table for a few people and a comfortable sofa for guests.

Zoning can be done arch or bar, make a small podium for one of the zones or use a different, but well combined materials and color schemes. Using a large kitchen cabinet hutch amount of light always has a positive effect on the design, so do not be afraid to make the suspension and tension ceiling structures.

This option plan rarity for modern apartments, most of ventilation is built into the walls. But if you have a protruding structure, make it practical and original. The simplest thing – to issue its blackboard paint and a coating for writing and drawing with crayons.

This is an excellent idea for young children – it will be fun to draw. If children do not, you do get crazy pleasure venting her emotions simmering. You can create your own “map desires” – the visualization of your dreams (psychologists say that to write and illustrate executed faster).

In small kitchens look spectacular wallpapers, therefore projecting portion can be arranged in a horizontal photo printer contrast of the overall color scheme. Hang on a box flat screen TV, and the problem of serving ventilation falling by the wayside. Originally it will look like electric heater located vertically.

Errors in planning and design of the kitchen

The main mistake – is the inefficient use of space. Bulky headsets, a sofa or a massive table will reduce the room at times. Cheap and low-quality materials will bring a lot of headaches: fray leather, textiles breaks, cover the headset easily scratched and paint fades quickly. Insufficient light eats visual volume. The abundance of vivid details and rich colors hurt the eyes and irritates. Open shelves gathering dust, and fine detail they are able to divert attention from an attractive headset or the original photo taken.

Home Appliances is better to choose kitchen china cabinet hutch, wall materials (paint and wallpaper) – wear-resistant and washable floor coverings – moisture proof and textiles (upholstery and curtains) – rugged and unpretentious. The bold design solutions are aimed not only at the competent planning, but also to a comfortable stay in the kitchen in an atmosphere of comfort.

Today more and more people are interested in unusual interior solutions, trying to create in a residential area private atmosphere, often thematic. But the kitchen such sentiments seldom touch – trigger stereotypes. We decided to break this stable impression and prove that the kitchen environment may be unusual, even a little fairy.

In our project was to make the interior of the apartment for the young men, designed in a single style. Under the kitchen space has been allocated an area of 9 square meters. But according to the owner’s idea it was combined with the living room. Designers have taken into account the nature of the owner and enthusiasm, and it was decided to focus on the style with a splash of kitchen hutch cabinets buffets. Let’s say right away: we are not trying to create something quintessentially English and traditional, even deliberately emphasized the theatricality. While working on the kitchen project, we have mixed features of the two styles. Here they are:

  • The main characteristics of the industrial style
  • Open Floor Plan.
  • Brickwork, rough plaster.
  • Pipes parade.
  • And the basic principles of English style
  • Dark wood furniture.
  • A warm palette of coffee.
  • Parquet and carpets.
  • Wooden panels on the walls.
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