Gold Kitchen Cabinets – Traditional Kitchen Design

The gold color is not what we usually expect to see in the kitchen, but it seems so only at first sight. Properly combining it with other colors, you can achieve the desired effect. The gold kitchen cabinets are traditional and fit mostly to the classical style. Variations can be different; it depends on the designer and your own tastes.

Gold can be combined with lots of colors and it doesn’t look provocative or tasteless, but the attitude should be very accurate. What does this color traditionally associated with? Some say with exclusivity and luxury, others – with spirituality and ultimate beauty. All these points of view are right; it’s something that has the scent of fairy tales and magic.

The design solutions with the use of gold color are sophisticated, but can be also modern; it depends on the general idea. The gold color gives a hint on the respectability of the owner, his position in society. But there is the reference in the Bible about the heaven, there’s written that all the roads are made of gold.

So you may choose – whether the whole interior will be made with gold or there will be other color accents. This is the best decoration for wooden cabinets; it perfectly mixes with the dark wood and especially with some other colors and shades – black, white and red.

But if plan to create the mood of a fairy tales, you should pay attention to the green. The shades can be various – from emerald to mint. Next to this color come to mind very different associations, among them – wealth, security, purity, stability, religious buildings and God.

If you don’t want to have a too trendy kitchen, use the gold color moderately. Whenever you will choose – the gold as the main accent or other colors in contrast, there will be something unusual and attractive. Pay attention to the special care that such kitchen cabinets require. Although dust is not very eye-catching on the surfaces like that, it is necessary to distinguish the cleaning of gold paint and leaf.

There can be just the little details made of gold – door handles, faucets, chandelier or other nuances. But you can also dare to do this on a much larger scale and decorate all the cabinets. The combination with black and white is the most classical and time-tested. Multi-toned kitchens will create the relaxed atmosphere, it’s the place where you can gather with the family and have a nice time.

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