Glazed kitchen cabinets in modern life

Determine the scale repelled from its budget and the current state of the kitchen. If you need an easy repair without changing the layout and rearranging the basic technique, you may be enough to replace the doors and trim freshen the walls a new coat of paint. But if you have to choose between the replacements of old furniture, changing the layout and construction of new structures, give preference to the purchase of new furniture.


Decide on the layout. Glazing kitchen cabinets- one of the most practical and convenient work areas. To start, make a careful plan of existing facilities with an indication of the doorway, windows, and other architectural highlights. In addition, it is important to indicate the current location of the electrical wiring, plumbing and sanitation, especially if your repair involves redevelopment space.

How to glaze kitchen cabinets

The plan must indicate the location of the heating and ventilation systems, space for kitchen hoods, electrical outlets and pipeline (if available). Before you choose the cabinets, subject to specify the size of the acquisition or existing kitchen appliances that will be installed in the new design, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker, microwave, apparatus for making ice, wine refrigerators and washing.

Make a sketch. Draw a sketch of arrangement of major appliances with the most efficient use of space. Stick to simple and clear layout. Schedule convenient passage between the three main elements of the kitchen: sink, stove and refrigerator («work triangle”). Carefully consider the balance of other items, parts and appliances – you should consider how often they are used. The main types of plan kitchen: two-row kitchen (kitchen galley), L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, kitchen-row and kitchen- “island”.

Modern design has expanded beyond traditional planning, creating more open space. However, these types of basic layouts still define how devices are located relative to each other. If you have enough experience in similar works, use the services of an architect, interior designer, and a specialist in the design of kitchens, kitchen furniture store representative or designer kitchen cabinets to make the most effective plan for your space and calculate the dimensions of the kitchen furniture.

Tray with divider provides easy access to the forms for baking trays and other utensils

Make your headsets work for you

The opinion of an expert in the field of kitchen furniture:

  • Plan enough free space to store utensils, etc., allocate space for storing food and utensils for different areas of your kitchen.
  • Before installing new kitchen units you will have to remove all the kitchen utensils, pots, pans, dishes and products. After the repair and installation of new furniture there comes a time a happy return all kitchen utensils and products back to their seats. The question is: will there be enough in your new kitchen space to fit all your favorite dishes and the like?
  • Unfortunately, this question very often it is impossible to give a positive answer. According to experts, in the selection of kitchen units are not necessary to be guided only by design. Think about where you will store the numerous jars? Are you comfortable to use a kitchen towel when washing dishes? Conveniently located if the drawers? Think about how you can organize the storage of items made of plastic (not forget about the covers, which also need to be stored somewhere).

Modern glaze kitchen cabinets are markedly different from the old-fashioned kitchen sets. These differences are not visible at first glance, but are of great importance. Later, we will discuss current trends in the development of kitchen furniture, and now discuss the issues of providing sufficient space for storing dishes and products.

Recent trends

Most of the old kitchen sets leave space between the ceiling and the upper part of the furniture, which, at best, could serve as a place to store trash and dust collection. Use this space to good use: your new kitchen set should reach up to the ceiling. It is not as expensive as it may seem, but the benefits in the form of additional free space clear.

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