Glass pendant lights for kitchen island, 5 based detailed

The correct lighting of the kitchen island can actually solve so many problems the housewives face every day. So based on this conclusion we decided to write the following article for the designers and just the people who want change and improve their interior. We took into account all the different styles of the kitchens and chose the best variants that will help you to play with the light from the angle of the professional designing. So depending you your personal style and expectations you can choose between the vintage or classic, rounded or squared variants. Also the modern variants in the style of 50th and 70th years of the last century can become a really stylish accent in your kitchen island zone.

But today we picked just one type of the pendant lighting and this is the one made from glass. Why we chose this? First of all the transparent glass looks really shining and elegant. The pendant glass lighting fixtures look just like the bubbles of the air smoothly lighting the kitchen island. The glass pendant kitchen lighting is really popular now as it’s been in the far 70th, but can be not noticed because of its size. But what is for sure is that the glass round models are transparent which means it will not burden your kitchen and dill fit even the small one. The group of the pendant inflatable lamps looks really solemnly and makes the atmosphere of the celebration.

You can reach a truly balance between the different textured elements by using those lighting fixtures, emphasizing the advantages of its texture. And the right picked up lighting fixtures ca perfectly fit any kind of color composition.

The detailed advises the choosing the right pendant lights for kitchen island based on your interior.

1) The elegant and stylish pendant lighting light-grey fixtures with a bit elongated shape will perfectly complete the kitchen islands made in a dark-brown color and its shades.

2) The neutral white lighting looks amazing reflecting on the metal tabletop, making the effect of the color continuity going from the transiting from the kitchen table surface to the ceiling.

3) The rule of “three” means that we need to take into account the size and the quantity of the chairs around the kitchen table – the smaller kitchen table you have, the less light sources you need. So here you can choose between a big single glass pendant light or the few smaller lighting fixtures. Also remember that most of the designers advise to use the odd numbers of lighting fixtures. So basically three glass lamps are gonna way enough to light the surface of any kitchen island in any size. Just choose the right color scheme that will fit the rest of the interior and it’s perfect.

4) Don’t forget that we choose the pendant lights for kitchen island just to have the light. If it would be so we could just go to the nearest building market instead of spending the months by reading watching the catalogues. What we are doing it for? Right! We need not just the source of light, but the part if the interior which we gonna use day by day and which is gonna give us the exact atmosphere we want. So choose the once that are gonna be the center of the kitchen island because of its bright color and which stand out on the background of the calm and cosy interior. They should be small enough to look harmoniously above your small kitchen island, but give enough lighting for the comfortable working.

5) If the kitchen island is really huge then you should pay your attention on the shades with the silhouette looking like the clouds. They gonna divert from the huge empty space, filling the space.

You can also check the elegant Logico Suspension Pendants which look truly light and full of air, despite the size. In this case the kitchen island is a real example of the right and harmonious design. It’s based on the conception of the elegant classic enchanted by the beauty of the curved lines.

The difference of the forms and the sizes can’t leave anyone who is used to the unusual way of thinking indifferent. If you have the tall ceilings than you need the unusual solutions for your kitchen island. First of all for use you will need the glass pendant lighting fixtures that are fixed to the ceiling on the long cables that also should be movable to get exactly the certain length that you need.

The really good advise which will help you to determinate the length of the glass pendant light fixing. For this you need to ask the three of your family of friends and each of them is gonna have his own task. The first one is gonna help you to adjust the length. The second of standing downstairs is should determine how good the lighting fixture is placed and the last one’s mission is to look from the side and see how good the whole composition looks like. It sounds a bit childish, but don’t forget that you are dealing with the lighting fixtures made from glass so it’s not a spare to use some help.

Also don’t forget to check if the glare of the lighting fixture annoys the eyes or not, and if it does you better change it or change the angle or the place of it. Also you should check if the distance from the lighting to the table surface is comfortable or not

To make the perfect kitchen island interior the furniture isn’t just enough. You will also need to pay lots of your attention on its lighting which will provide you with the high level lighting, make the good accents when it’s needed and will finish the way your whole interior look like so only you choose the way you want your kitchen island to be: or the lonely island in the big ocean, or a place full of friends and the members of your family and the glass pendant light will surely help you in this.

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