Glass pendant lights for kitchen, 10 foto

For the general lighting of the full kitchen it’s really common to use the single lighting all round the perimeter is the kitchen ceiling . The lamps lighting fixtures should be evenly distributed around it and should provide you with the smooth lighting without any shades.

The only thing is that the embed lighting is usually mounted in the suspended ceiling made from the gypsum plasterboard without which we can’t really establish this kind of lighting. So here we will need the pendant lighting fixtures that can be mixed with the !ed embed lighting. It can be or a single main pendant chandelier in the middle of the kitchen or few lighting fixtures placed above the dining zone and the kitchen zone where you spend most of your time while cooking, washing the dishes and etc.

For the haunted kitchens it’s better to use the few glass pendant lighting fixtures evenly because the main thing it should to is to provide you with the goos quality of lighting without leaving the dark shades in the corners.

Glass pendant lighting for the different kitchen zones.

For the main lighting source we can choose the glass pendant lighting fixture with the single or few different plafonds. It’s gonna be way enough lighting if you will take into account:

  • The size of the room’s perimeter.
  • The power and the type of the lamp.
  • The design of the lighting fixture.

It’s necessary to have few lighting sources on the kitchens with the big area and also to pay your attention on the height of the ceiling: the lower it is the smaller the pendant should be also you can choose the lighting which is able to get fixed to the ceiling. But the really flat pendant lighting fixtures won’t give enough light so it’s better to chose those which are kinda looking up. Don’t forget that the light from the lighting fixtures should not blind you and distort the color of the food.

What glass pendant lighting based on the style of your kitchen.

If you choose the kitchen pendant lighting to be made from glass then you should not forget that’s it can be not just basically lighting source, but also the main design element of your kitchen interior. So based on this conclusion we can say that to look perfect it should be well combined with the rest on the interior like the kitchen set or the kitchen island.

On the high-tech kitchens you can simply use the pendant lighting which has the simple or creative form and surely made from glass as one the most futuristic materials. But it can also have the plastic or metal details and it’s good if those details fit the rest of the kitchen set.

For Provence style of kitchen you can establish the glass pendant lighting which has the forging elements and has the round form. Also the antic looking lighting fixtures can fit pretty good or it can be even made to look a bit older.

If you are the owner of the Italian style kitchen then you can pay your attention on the glass pendant lights fixtures with the candle lamps. It’s gonna look really ethnic and will become the element of the interior everyone is truly amazed by.

If you decided to by the kitchen set made in classical style then you can choose the pendant lighting chandler made in a really strict style and has the pendings made from the crystals, transparent or the colored glass. The same kind of pendant lighting will perfectly fit the English style kitchen.

It’s gonna sound really unbelievable, but there are also the glass pendant fixtures that have the wooden, textile and the even the elements made from the vine. Those are gonna be perfect for the kitchens done in a farmhouse or a country style.

And the last category is the modern style kitchens which can be completed with the glass pendant lighting fixtures that are decorated by the geometrical ornament, have the rounded forms and the specially designed bizarre forms.

The features of the kitchen pendant lighting that is made from glass.

When we choose a pendant lighting fixture we should not forget about such side as exploitation  which means that the chosen lighting fixture should be really easy to clean because first of all this pendant lighting is placed in the kitchen – a place where all the steams contain the cooking fat and dirt is getting stick pretty quick and after its so hard to remove. That’s why the glass is the most universal material in such zone as kitchen and the cloth, for example, is almost forbidden.

How to establish the glass pendant lighting for kitchen.

Actually the process of establishing is really simple and all you need to do is to follow the algorithm.

1) To switch off the the power in the junction box;

2) Make a marking;

3) Drill the holes, being really careful not to damage the electrical wire;

4) Take a mounting plate and fix it with the anchor dowel.

After you finish this part you can fix the pendant lighting fixture, paying your attention on the instructions given by the provider of a product, but generally you should do it in 6 steps.

  • Screw the mounting;
  • Clean the wires by the knife or the pliers;
  • Link the wires (it’s better if you use the terminal block);
  • Cover the place of the pending by the decorative patch;
  • Screw the lamp and check if the lighting works;
  • Put on the plafond or the lighting fixture.


The well-chosen lighting can solve many of the any problems on the kitchen linked to the comfort and security. It should be perfect to light the dull space of the kitchen, separate the dining zones, backlight the interior elements where it’s needed and make the atmosphere cosy and warm.

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