Glass kitchen cabinet doors: how to beat the space

The glass kitchen cabinet doors with window in the kitchen – more advantage than disadvantage, because the interior is necessary not only artificial but also natural light. And by the window to ventilate the room, you can easily and ventilation in the kitchen – the first case. Another issue is that the facade of furniture fit, adjust the heating system and water supply in this case is a bit more complicated. But believe me that the result is worth it!


Kitchen design with window

  • To properly use this element in the interior of the kitchen, you need to remember a few rules:
  • The area around window may be useful.
  • The window opening – this is the decor, which means a maximum of what you can decorate it with plants.
  • The window sill – this is one more working space.
  • Materials for kitchen design with a window should be as natural.
  • If you keep in mind these principles, your kitchen space and win around the shortcomings will be advantages.

Question curtains are absolutely correct and important when it comes to the design of the kitchen with a window. Hang or not to hang? And what is better? It all depends on how the space carried zoning. So, say, if the window is a dining area or sitting area, there is nothing to be ashamed of or impractical in the long curtains with the same lambrequins will not.

On the contrary the room will look more elegant and interesting. If you decide to put in the window work area, which is very convenient – it is better to do without curtains in general, or to compromise and make Roman shades or blinds.

Universal kitchen cabinets with glass doors

Sill in the kitchen with a window should be an extension of the kitchen subjects and especially with respect to the working area. The best materials in the design of the kitchen with a sink near the window are marble, wood with waterproof impregnation and granite crumb.

Plastic is not so good, because the walls will not be easy to breathe and develop fungus. Generally in the kitchen everything must be used with a purpose. If the window opening is not closed fronted furniture or anything else you can drown under the sill gap, thereby creating more odes options using the space near the window.

Use the space at the window can be different: one of the most comfortable and nice looking – design kitchen with a sink near the window. From an aesthetic point of view on a kitchen nicer looking to work directly on the opening scene, and from a practical – if the working area hides the battery. There are several variants of masking them:

Abandon them altogether and put radiant floor heating.

Move the battery to the other wall. This is a more expensive procedure, but at the cost of such a move you make space.

Hide radiators in a box and move communication.

It should also be remembered that the active zone of the decoration of the interior will cause congestion. Therefore bypassed curtains and potted flowers. In the extreme case can be hung on the window shelf and place it on a beautiful dish. The rest is irrelevant.

At the window, you can also place the bar or if the opening size allows to go on the road cafe – put a wooden window sill, top to hang the lamp and just put a couple of chairs. Especially This option is beneficial for homes with high sills. Here you have a table and a view and a hot cup of coffee in the morning. But a useful storage space.

If the kitchen is small

From the footage, and will build. The best solution to the problem (even if the kitchen area is not more than 6-7 square meters) will be positioned along the façade of the kitchen window. This is a very functional way to beat all the meters with kitchen cabinets glass doors and to harmonize the space.

Expand the area of the work area as possible, as has been said, by the window sill. If the height of the window sill allows you to try to make it an extension of the working area. This is easily done if the material is the same as the countertop material: it would seem that the space is indeed a lot.

Two windows in one kitchen

Kitchen design with two windows also can beat in different ways. The most recent and modern version of the designers – to leave the window without curtains, swags, shutters and other trim, decorated with only the window frames. And, although the window – it’s good, they literally “eat” a serious piece of space.

To enable the effective area of the walls in this case the suit lockers and long column. They can be ordered by the way, even to the height of the ceiling: if there is a lot of fit required, including appliances. You can also hang a plasma TV on the free area, and a dining table to place under it.

Kitchen glass cabinet doors with window

  • Corner kitchen – also, incidentally, is the perfect solution for small spaces such as kitchens. Kitchen set angular shape makes the same work triangle (which is even). In its area, and it is all the basic functionality: sink, stove, sink.
  • Then, the window may be placed open shelves, and all communications will be on the other side of the kitchen units. For those there is one more no less “corner” solution: kitchenette in the dining area. Natural light plus a beautifully decorated doorway create a cozy and homely atmosphere.
  • To summarize. To design your kitchen with a window has been a full and functional premises and carefully Probe distributed work areas to the nearest centimeter. The rest of the guided not so much on the trend, but on its own stylistic concept of beauty, comfort and harmony!
  • Choosing kitchen set, it is necessary to study the physical and chemical properties of materials. Each of them has a certain set of characteristics; based on them, you can choose a rational option combination of price and quality kitchen furniture.
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