Gallery kitchen design: pictures and photos

Our gallery of kitchen design represents the latest and most interesting ideas. Very often people feel stuck when they think about the right color scheme for their kitchen. Just decide what impact you do want to receive. Then look through some tips about color choosing and make your decision.

Yellow kitchen design gallery

This lovely kitchen made in yellow tones attracts the viewers by its cheeriness that causes bright and happy mood. It ideally suits the room which lacks in warmth or the sunshine, saturating the room with friendly mood. Yellow is an optimistic hue, capable of filling us with happiness. Lemon hues energize the room, freshen monotonous style. Butter shades are a bit calmer and less trendy but feature timeless character. Calm yellow shades are more commonly exploited in traditional kitchens while shining colors need careful spotted using.

Experiment with bright colors in the kitchen. Take a yellow one, which is known to increase the appetite and bust mood that is why it will organically suit the kitchen. This lively color, accompanied with other friendly hues can produce an elegant, stylish look. It is associated with the sunshine and warmth. Widely exposure, the yellow color may be vulgar and shouting, so use it carefully and in reasonable quantities. Use it to accent special details.

Pastel hues reduce stress. Make a backsplash tiled in yellow, and the rest of your kitchen should have neutral white tone.

Yellow can be combined with numerous colors:

  • Dark-yellow palette ideally matches dark-red, silver hues;
  • Cold shadows of yellow harmonized with green color make the kitchen look fresh;
  • Pastel yellow accompanied with light gray adds serious and luxurious look;
  • Warm hues match with lots of bright colors to produce coziness and subtle view.

Kitchen designs in light color

Most people associate light-colored kitchen with white hues, but there are lots of fair tones: pearly, vanilla, lacteous, light-pink and others. You can apply opaque or glossy surfaces. Looking through the light colored kitchen design gallery, you’ll see that they look pretty good either on big or small sizes. Fair tones hide some drawbacks in the kitchen planning as well as they make crumped space visually wider. Avoid boredom in light kitchen design by using bright elements in red, brown or gray tones. Classical highlighted kitchens harmonize well with brown or dark-red furniture.

As a variant, take a look at the kitchens from light wood. They are also very popular nowadays for you are allowed to use tacky accessories combined with light-tone kitchen. The cabinets made in light colors are easy in everyday cleaning.

Blue kitchen design pictures

Blue kitchen sets look fresh and original and are usually used in high-tech styles. The manufacturers offer interesting variants combining orange, yellow, beige or lacteous colored drawers and blue cabinets. The blue color is seldom applied in classy and country styles.

Nevertheless, blue hues are able to relax you after a busy working day, reduce stress and pressure.

It is an ideal variant for rooms meeting sunny side. In this case, blue tone will refresh the ambiance.

What is more, it can be used in small kitchens to make them visually bigger.

Do you want your kitchen shine with cleanliness? Thanks to blue color, the room will look clean and fresh as if you have just washed it.

In daily use blue cabinets demand proper care and dusting, because stains are more frequently seen on dark surfaces than on pale color countertops.

Red color kitchen design photos

Red color applied in kitchens mostly suits active, self-confident people. Be careful with this color if you have a kitchenette. Like most saturated colors, reds tend to make your little kitchen visually less spacious. Moderate using of red hues fill with positive energy, helps to get rid of boring days.

Red combined with gold produce the luxurious and abundant impression. It is mostly used in Chinese or Eastern styled kitchens.

But reds may function in a negative way, evolving uncontrolled anger and irritation. Saturated hues make the room smaller and shorter. Apply red spots, for example, a lamp and curtains, decorative kitchen ware.

Mix red elements with pale and soft hues or even cold-gray. Look at the photos featuring a red kitchen and white walls or the floor. Red walls match black-and-white floor perfectly floor.

As for caring red kitchen keep attention and perform everyday washing and dusting for rich red counters require special care.

Green colored gallery of kitchen design

Green is a color that makes the setting fresh and lively. It fills the room with energy and tranquility. It is a symbol of growth, renovation, spring, hope, development, and well-being. Greens are good at reducing stress and blood tension, relax and calm. Green colors impress us in different ways. You can add a juicy-green color to the kitchen décor to bring in powerful energy of growth, development, and well-doing. Pale green means calmness and comfort. Lemon green stimulates you to the developments. Olive and dark green shades should be used very careful as they may cause some sort of boredom.

Dark-green color won’t suit small kitchens. Green is easily combined with practically all colors. The best one is a white-green mixture. Softened by white, olive colors are ideal for classical kitchens as well as country and Province styles. Intensive bright colors perfectly well accompany a general tone made in calm shades.

In combination with cold metal tones, green implementation tends to soften the general ambiance.

Green-yellow relation gives warmth, comfort, and smart setting and subtly reminds us about flowery meadows.

In everyday caring green-colored cabinets demand a moderate level of attention.

Gray color kitchen designed ideas

It is considered to be a neutral tone, perfect for daily use. It is more often observed in modern and high-tech designs maintaining one-colored scheme. Gray may be gloomy and depressing when applied in large quantities without any colorful accents. But when used professionally it is a really long-lasting trend.

Choose between saturated and pale tones. Pay attention that deep grays will make your small kitchen look more cramped, while hues in high tones will reflect the light flushing the room.

Choose between cold steely tones and warm opaque degrees of the color. If you are not sure whether the color suits the ambiance, paint a few sheets of paper in different gray shades and stick them to the walls. Then try to watch throughout the day which gray palette may ideally suit you.

Painted gray or stunning stained hue? Stained print seems to be textured. It is easy to be taken care of and looks marvelously on kitchenette’s cabinetry.

Use gray color as a general tone in your kitchen. In this case, you can put countertops in interesting navy colors, for example, or venture on various bright accents in the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid and mix colors. Gray is a neutral tone, thus, it can be combined with practically all other colors. The latest trend in kitchen fashion is a mixture of white and steel gray shades. It guarantees stylish homely ambiance, comfortable feelings, and subtle attractiveness.

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