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In the following article we are gonna find out why you should choose the flush mount ceiling lighting and what is more important is how to choose the right one. Shooting the best lighting  fixture you should pay your attention in the different elements such as size, the quantity of lamps and its mount. But the most important element is a flush mount because this is exactly the thing that saves our eyes from the straight lighting rays and determine the character of the lighting.

So how can we choose a flush mount? What should our choice  be based on? First of all we need to pay our attention on the diameter of the mounting hole. It’s straightly connected to the plinth into we will put the lamp. The main plinth standards are E-14, E-27 and G-4. In case if you want to use the other lamps you should first find out what mounting hole diameter you will need. 

Among the technical characteristics we should also note the type of a ceiling flush mount. Because the more expensive mounts are usually different from the cheap Chinese copies. And you can note it not just by the external characteristics, but also by its reliability and durability.

Now we can analyze the esthetic characteristics.

First of all we should figure out what kind we want: if it’s gonna be the closed one or opened. The first type smoothly diffuse the lighting, but don’t appear as a main source of light. If you want to use the second type, than you should first decide to which direction it’s gonna be turned. If you will make it looking up than the light it’s gonna be distributed similar around the whole room and if you will direct it to the floor than you will get just a directly lighted area which is really convenient on a kitchen. Moreover by using this effect you can simply make a zone difference separating the whole kitchen parts, but make sure that the light doesn’t blind you.

The next thing we could decide is what material of a flush mount to use: it can be the transparent or the dull one. The first one diffuses the lighting worse so can protect your eyes only if the glass it’s made of has the dark color. You can also check the transparent raised glass which decorated the room with the beautiful patterns by the light refraction. But this is more like the designers thing which is really not necessary to follow and better to choose just the simple dull glass.

And finally lets talk about the material of the ceiling flush mount. The most popular is surely the glass because it always looks more exquisitely and elegantly and moreover has a really wide range of the texture and color. It’s not really difficult to take care about the glass, but the only limiting its fragile that’s why it’s better not to use it in the children’s rooms.

The second most popular variant is plastic. It’s really close to the glass from the esthetical point of view, but not as elegant as the glass is. But the main feature is that it’s almost impossible to break which means that it can be used even in the children rooms.

The flush mounts made from the cloth are definitely the most cosy in the list. They diffuse the lighting really perfect, but you are able to choose the one that gonna fit your interior the most.  But the main limiting is that it’s really inconvenient which means that it’s really hard to remove the east from it while  the dust is a really common thing on the kitchens and should be removed not to get into the dish.

The metal flush mounts have just a single limiting which is that it totally not transparent. But at the same time they are really super lasting and easy to take care about and clean. Moreover there are some models that have the holes on its surface which allow to extra diffuse the lighting.

4 advantages and the limits of the ceiling flush mounts.

  • This kind of lighting fixtures is really economical to a kitchen space as they are established straight to the ceiling, which is really useful for the kitchens with the low ceilings in which you would never have the opportunity to put the pendant lighting fixtures.
  • A flush mount is almost a single and only kind of a lighting fixture that can be established in the zones with the wet air. To provide the flush mount with the long lifetime you should cover the lamps so the water doesn’t go on it. The index of a moisture- and dust-protection should not be less then IP 54.Besides the constructors of this lighting fixtures put the main accent on its functional side, there are still so many ceiling flush mounts that are well-decorated and gonna make any interior looking way more interesting.
  • the only limiting of the most kinds of the ceiling flush mounts is that you need to take them off to have an opportunity to wash it inside or to change the lamp. If the lighting fixture was switched on, then you will need to wait until the diffuser is heated down or otherwise you can burn yourself. Moreover if the flush mount is big and heavy than you will surely need some help.
  • Also the thing to know is that not all of the flush mounts can be established super close to the suspended ceiling, because if it’s gonna be super heated up, than it can deform the ceiling.


So here we found out about the main features and the limitings of the ceiling flush mounts that can be used in the kitchens and gonna surely make your kitchen interior more cosy and sweet. Especially, it’s a really good choice for the kitchens with the low ceilings so you should surely pay your attention on it and make it a chance to change your kitchen in a better way!

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