Fluorescent kitchen light fixtures, 3 types

It’s not a secret that by using the right type of the lighting you can make any kind of atmosphere you want. Especially it’s important for the kitchen which we can definitely call the most popular place in the house where you can relax after the hard day on the job by eating your favorite meal, drink the tea while reading the book in the Saturday morning or to gossip with your best friend eating the fresh baked cookies.

We are used to think that the light fixture is nothing, but the big and unpleasant looking chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. But actually nowadays we have such a big choice we can do concerning that and our aim for today is too consider such a type of lighting as a fluorescent light. 

Another name of the fluorescent fixture is the fixture of the black light. They will really fit good in the situation if you want to realize some of your creative ideas because most of the time they are used in the kitchen exactly for the decorative lighting. Thanks to their feature of the longwave visible radiation they have a possibility to make the different visual effects. So for this you can see them mostly in the entertainment centers or the night clubs so if you want to have the same kind of atmosphere than its exactly what you need.

The construction of the fluorescent kitchen light fixtures.

A glass tube of the gaseous discharge lamp of the low pressure is filled with the steam of mercury and argon. Also there are the metal electrodes places on the both ends of it. They have a special she’ll that easily gives back the electrodes by putting it through the electricity.

Some of the fluorescent light fixtures blink a bit after you turn them on. It happens because the mercury steam needs some time to recharge or to get ionized so from this point this type of lighting isn’t the best thing because this blinking can cost a good esthetic feeling of using it.

When the mercury steam gets well ionized the electrodes start to crash into the ionized steam of mercury. So finally by this crashing we get the UV light. If the light fixtures would be made from the traditional glass we would never see this light because the human eye doesn’t accept this kind of lighting. So we need to turn the inside of the lamp with the zinc silicate or the magnesium volframt so the light becomes visible for us.

These substances are acting really unusual when the UV light drops on them because then they start to fluoresce which means to light with the visible lighting because it turned UV into the white lighting. So it’s totally understandable that the internal coating gives the smooth shade to the emitted light.

The features of the fluorescent fixtures.

Besides the special kind of lighting we can’t hide that the fluorescent fixtures:

1)Can work for more then 20000 hours none stop;

2)They are really economical with the electricity and almost don’t hit up;

3)   Same as luminescent fixtures those are really simple to establish so you can do everything by   yourself without the help of the specialist.

3 types of the fluorescent kitchen light fixtures.

  • The embed fluorescent light fixture for the kitchen. This type is a really best solution because it’s can be hided, for example, on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet so will become a source of the additional light and gonna be fully hided from the eyes which is guaranteeing the best level of the esthetic part.
  • The overhead provides the maximum lighting, but takes the minimum space so gonna be the most perfect variant for the small kitchen.
  • Pendant fluorescent light fixture found its place in the kitchens with the tall ceilings (should be fitted with the special cables).Raster fluorescent lighting usually has a squared or a rectangular shape. But actually the designers are going more far our days and day by day we can see the new lighting constructions and the designs. This type of fluorescent light fixture can be turnable or static, closed or an opened type, with or without the diffuser.

So here we come to conclusion that if you want to make a mystery atmosphere by turning off the main light and keeping just the fluorescent lighting then you can establish this lamps under the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Also it can help you to make an accent on some part of furniture or the painting, for example. Generally the choice of this lighting for kitchen is a really rare thing, because nowadays most of the times its used to grow up the plants of healing the animals such as new born ducks, but if you really want to make the atmosphere of the night club there, so then you are more than welcome because for sure everyone will estimate the originality or your choice. He only thing is that it has the mercury inside which isn’t really good for health as you know, so you should really thing twice before getting one.

Kitchen fluorescent light fixture covers.

It’s easier to choose if you know the meaning of every color and the effect it has on you physical and mental health.

  • The yellow one is the most optimal because it stimulates the pupil and make you less tired by putting the less pressure.
  • The white one imitates the daylight and increase the operability.
  • The orange one is also called “the appetizing” so you understand..
  • The blue one slows down the breathing rhythm and also called like “the lazy light” so usually the designers advise to use it in the bedrooms.
  • The green one is the most pleasant for the eye. It calms down, lower the pressure and recognized as the best choice as for resting as for working.

So I guess here is where we make our choice.

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