Features loops in upper kitchen cabinets

The surfaces of the loops can be matte, polished or textured. There are loops of chromium coated brass or copper. Some loops are made with enamel or lacquer. First door hinges were simple in appearance; basically they were chrome-plated or copper-plated. Now the choice is much richer: a loop with effect aged surface to smooth polished loops in high-tech style.


Questions budget

Reasonable expenses. If you want to display a collection of utensils, set of glass doors in the upper cabinets. When you select a loop, which will be visible in whole or in part, to make sure they are in harmony with the style of the door handles and the overall style of cuisine. You can enhance the beauty of the loop by loop overhead with a beautiful cover – such loops become independent parts of the kitchen decor.

  • Any kitchen renovation, regardless of its scale requires time, money and effort. You put it all in the most popular and the most important room in your home. In other words, your life takes place in the kitchen – it is in the kitchen, we’re going to prepare the food, enjoy its taste and relax. When you choose furniture, surfaces, equipment and fixtures, treat yourself and buy something special (one or more devices) in addition to the main kitchen without upper cabinets
  • Do you like to spend the evening with a glass of wine? Pay attention to the refrigerators and wine storage compartments for drinks. You want to packages of food for dogs kept separate from the “Food for People”? Consider purchasing complex for pets.
  • Features a modern kitchen design allows to realize any dream. With the development of technology appliances are getting smarter and smarter. Would you like to “talk” with your oven on the way from work to home, enjoin it to warm and begin to cook dinner? It’s possible.
  • Technology by itself does not create a kitchen, but it is the most important aspect of your space. Eventually, the main function of cuisine – cooking.

The technique which level you want to buy? Chefs and bakers planning to use a professional model-level restaurant, reasonably choose the technique with impressive price tags, which are able to significantly reduce their budget.

On the other hand, if you like the look of a professional line of equipment, embedded coolers and luxurious (and very effective) hood, you too can afford them. A wide choice of equipment of medium and high level (within the limits of availability) allows you to design your kitchen in a modern style without emptying your wallet on very expensive professional grade equipment. So, think about how much money you are willing to spend on equipment.

Ideally, you should choose the first plan kitchen, and then choose the appropriate technique. You may like wide two door refrigerators («side-by-side»), but with a refrigerator will you have room for double oven and hob? Fortunately, there are trade-offs.

Selection of kitchen appliances

Hobs. Gas, electric or induction? You choose, though infrequently we hear that the people refused to gas in electricity use. When selecting the cooking surface should think about its performance: how much heat is lost on the way from the burners to the pan? It is believed that in the case of a gas hob with the heat loss of the order of 40 percent. But bakers prefer traditional methods of baking and roasting. In an ideal world, both types of kitchen oven can be built in two doors or a brass dual station. How to clean kitchen cabinets with grease build up? It’s not so difficult as you can imagine.

Range hoods. Good cooking surface requires the use of a ventilation system, which will output the smoke, soot and steam from the kitchen and at the same time will not buzz like a jet plane. If you hear the sound of suction (not the sound of the motor), it is good. If the same sound on your nerves, consider buying a hood with an external motor. You can build a box, so that it is in harmony with the façade of your house) for him.

External and embedded fan provide excellent ventilation. With regard to the circulation of extracts from inexpensive kits category in “oven-cooker, microwave oven,” we are talking about the withdrawal of the amount of fat and smoke from the room, while the hot air does not disappear. Pick up the hood with the fan capacity suitable for your hob. As a rule, when cooking on an electric hob with four burners need a cooker hood capacity of about 700 cu. / H.

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