Features kitchen design with kitchen buffet cabinet

On the walls we put decorative brickwork in brownish tones. The room was quite large, but thanks to the bright ceiling and the architectural reception in the form of bulk fillets dark coloring of the walls did not steal any piece of space. A large window on the east side ensured a good flow of natural light. Because of that the room has turned out very well probed.


The work area and storage area illuminated by artificial light sources, and dining – natural light. Dark walnut parquet, remaining from the original look of the house, we decided to leave. The only thing that had to do – is to clean it and cover with a special moisture-resistant varnish, as in the kitchen often and spray water, dirt and food.

Apron work area deserves special attention: decorators painted wall painted brass and aged effect added around kitchen buffet cabinet. Large ceramic tiles with bright Indian motifs have become a tribute to the Victorian past, when the crown of the British Empire was still an Indian jewel.

As befits a chimney hood, we not only do not disguise, but revived with sheets of brass tympanum under the law of the genre. The same metal tube was put on the perimeter countertops. To top it off, we have established a brass faucet, resembling more a stop-valve engine.

Placement and selection of furniture

The main idea was to focus Architects kitchen space around some bright parts in kitchen buffet cabinets. Thus the emphasis has become a kitchen set. I make it to order for individual designs of our designers. The inspiration for this piece of furniture has become, as we have seen, the aesthetics, the British locomotives and industrial areas style elevator, which was originally set.

Facade kitchen furniture made of oak wood, painted in anthracite color. Brass laths and elements reminiscent of the Victorian era of steam engines and machinery craze in the late XIX century. As a result, we got a really very theatrical and original thing.

But the furniture sector in the meal placed fairly simple – a dining table made of solid wood elm and iron chairs with covers of eco leather. Just an industrial and a man. Under the hood fit forged a makeshift shelf and narrow hanging locker.

Placement of household appliances

Household Appliances in our project almost reminds of itself – otherwise it would destroy the entire fantastic atmosphere. That is why each of the items securely hidden behind the facade of the kitchen units. The huge hood, which usually met in the kitchens of the old Victorian Restaurant and solid locks, painted under the iron.

In addition to its primary function it partly acts as the storage area of the pipe masks that remove it was not possible according to the project at home. Hook inside the hanging utensils. Gas hob hardly stands out against the countertop, and the oven is also great for vintage disguised door. Refrigerated too small and built into one of the boxes, so it seems that the owners of the old do without it.


In this small kitchen it turned out unusually many details in kitchen buffet storage cabinet. Actually at their expense, and it reached such a comfort and space. Long curtains matting shade as if drowning in the window opening, harmoniously entering the window to the general surroundings. Interesting architectural reception turned out at the expense of a snow-white picture frame.

White kitchen buffet cabinet in use

We deliberately attached it to the screws on a small distance from the wall, achieving a 3D effect. Since the whole situation a little kitchen hooligan, then painting for the frame were chosen as luck is not on the size. Charming and Spaniel is the best diluted with severe male atmosphere.

And what is the English style without books? With this in mind, we have equipped the windowsill bookshelf, which housed the literary preferences of the owner. An interesting detail was also a brass floor lamp, designed as an old spotlight.

Chests with print «Union Jack» playing in our history, both utilitarian role drawers for storing utensils and bright interior accents. Dishes, our designers have selected the appropriate: if a hundred years ago bought pans and pots and earthenware containers for bulk products combine perfectly with the mood.

Although the kitchen of is a small room, yet it can be converted into a compact and convenient to prepare culinary delights, if we approach this creatively. If you follow the order of the work, renovated kitchen can be done in a few days, and with his assistants and all the day.

For a small kitchen it is necessary to choose a design that would not reduce its visual. Therefore, before the start of repair work necessary to choose the best options in interior design. The white kitchen buffet cabinet can be divided into three parts: the cooking zone, the passage area and a dining table. When planning, decide right away where you will have is washing with communications.

In the small kitchen everything is always located close at hand. Sink next to a stove, refrigerator and a table near the cutting surface – all this facilitates the cooking, especially when time is not enough. The most practical common option when the sink is in the corner, and the stove and a cutting surface disposed on the sides. Then the best place to be a window sill or table space beside him.

Refrigerator is best placed in the corner, then it will not interfere with anyone, and the work surface can be made relatively solid. Most owners of small kitchens is considered the most optimal and ergonomic L – shaped angular layout, which allows you to put the entire delta, leaving free the dining area wall. A small kitchen can be combined with a balcony or with another room, got a spacious and elegant kitchen-studio.

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