Fashion trends in kitchen design 2015

This article presents the kitchens of 2015, which are able to satisfy even the most demanding taste. Modern innovative technologies, durable materials and unique design – all these were in the designing of kitchens in 2015. So what was all the rage in the past year?

The maximum spaciousness is the first such fashion trend. Citizens are demolishing walls, turning the living room and kitchen in one kitchen-studio. And those who do not have such an opportunity combine kitchen with loggia, balcony or even with a corridor. With a proper zoning it creates the effect of a large space. Kitchen studios require special hoods. With the increasing of the room`s volume increases the demand on the hood`s power and design. Thus there are special hoods for kitchen that is combined with living room. They do not interfere to stand at the stove and add modernity to any design kitchens 2015.

The following trend is a kitchen in the colors of spring sundress. Imagine a light bright spring dress with geometric patterns or watercolor prints. It is a flowing fabric that combines pastel shades and bright accents. Not only fashionable clothes has such an appearance but also the trendy designer kitchens 2015. Now the interesting undertones replace the unambiguous colors. For example, instead the yellow “freesia” comes, instead beige – “sand” and so on. But the shade of “radiant orchid” was the main preference in 2015.

Asian and Oriental decorative elements were changed by the fashion on the Scandinavian style. The snow-white kitchen with juicy and colorful details inspires you and help to save money because this northern style is very concise in its manifestation. You can choose the multifunctional white and steel cookers for these kitchens. They not only facilitate the process of cooking but are designed for easy care about them. East Asia and suggest more sophisticated accents and color combinations. But in 2015 you were free to transform the foundations of these styles as you like and at any colors.

The Venetian plaster is a fashionable alternative to the classic design of the walls in 2015 kitchens. She looks like a marble finish. This effect is achieved by using a special multilayer coating of plaster. The convenience of this material is in its ease of washing, in sustainability and a radiant shine gives the room the visibility of a larger space.

Photographic printing has also become a trend in 2015. Application technique of absolutely any image on any surface allows us to get the unique kitchen. Choose a picture and experts will decorate whatever you want with it. It can be the floor, wallpapers, furniture, glass and appliances. Prints and patterns on the tile are also very fashionable trend. The choice in the range of drawings on the tile simply amazes with the number of interesting and unexpected variants. You can make your kitchen very interesting. The main thing is to be able to mix and show a little imagination. Even the air duct above the cooking surface is covered with such a tile.

Natural materials were also in trend in 2015. Wood is a favorite of the year as a material for furniture and decorations. Texture, colors and ornament will be a real highlight of your kitchen. If your budget does not allow this and the symbol of unity with nature is important to you pay attention to the qualitative imitation of wooden surfaces. This trend does not mean a country-style interior! Mix modern style and natural details. Household appliances essentially has grown wiser, has learned to perform many tasks atypical. It began to facilitate the self-care and hide when you do not need it. This is the trend of technical component of the kitchen 2015.

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