Farmhouse kitchen lighting, 5 top ideas designs

Let’s talk first about the main features that the farmhouses have so we have get the main idea of this type of the interior shock is gonna help us to choose the right lighting fixture.

Nowadays we can see the farmhouse elements more and more often in many kinds of interior. But the thing is that you should really understand what you are doing and that each detail of this interior kinds mean because otherwise you will get nothing, but the raunch. Most of the times people who decided to follow this kind of style misunderstand its main philosophy and get confused with the other interior types. So what are the main differences of this style from the others, how to use it right and get into accounting all the details? All of it you will find in the following article. 

The “farmhouse” is almost the synonym of the “country side” or “village”. Usually buying the old house the new owners didn’t want to refuse the old house details such as the furniture made from the wood, the massive window frames and the doors, the stone or the wooden walls and also the beams pending over the ceiling. Keeping all of this or just the part, but also establishing the new, modern appliances the owners without even having the idea of it explored the new style.

The main features of the farmhouse kitchens.

For this interior style it’s really common to use the natural materials that have the raw texture, the raw furniture that makes the feeling of the unobtrusive comfort and the maximum minimalism and simplicity. This kind of kitchen interior is gonna fit really perfect to the kitchens of the countryside houses that have the huge area, but also can be used in a city flat if you have enough space. Like if you choose the concrete, bricks or the raw wood for the kitchen zoning than  you should remember that the kitchen space should not be less then 10 square meters. Otherwise it’s gonna make the heavy crushing atmosphere.

The using material should be only natural and even the immigration can’t be used or otherwise its gonna look cheap.

The main designing detail is the beams places under the ceiling. In the kitchens with the low ceilings it’s gonna make the atmosphere of the dugout.

The furniture here plays the main role so you should really pay much attention while choosing it. So don’t forget about the second rule and don’t try to save the money by choosing not the original material, but it’s replicas which gonna destroy the whole atmosphere.

The choice you make in the dishes set is also gonna be the important part of the whole kitchen interior because it shouldn’t be just the food container, but also the well thought out decorative element.

Use the special farmhouse-style napkins and the kitchen towels to complete the interior.

The farmhouse kitchen lighting fixtures ideas.

The lighting fixtures made in this style are usually really heavy looking and have the interesting forms of the curved armature. They usually consist lots of wood and metal colored really dark. The most common colors are gilded nickel, bronze, the derkened silver or rust.

The really popular designing technique is to use the natural details taken straight from the farm such as lighting fixtures made from the cartwheel or the deer horns. A really big feature of this style is the ability to make the lighting fixture by yourself, using the wood, ropes, clay or metal.

The materials we just told about (for example, the wooden wall) should be left on its place. It’s surface should be just skied and covered by the varnish. So you should not just ennoble the wall, but also let yourself without doing an extra repairing work.

So let’s give few examples of how exactly to make few farmhouse lighting fixtures by yourself.

1) Wood and rope. We already told that on this kind of kitchen we can use only the lighting fixtures that are made from the natural materials so the wood and rope technique is a perfect choice especially concerning that you can find it on the backyard of your countryside house. What we need to do is to collect the dry branches, glue it overlap on the simple ball in the chaos order. When the glue curdles you can carefully unplug your construction from the ball and let the ball get blown away. Here it is! The lighting fixture is ready! And all you need to do is just to cover the bulb and switch the lighting fixture into the electric network.

Using the same technique you can make the lighting fixtures using the rope. To make it look exactly like a hemisphere you should make a border mark on the ball and slowly start to glue the places where the rope is gonna cross (but don’t put the glue on the whole ball surface because then you won’t be able to stick it off. After the glue gets totally dry, carefully take off the balloon, but blowing the air off it and take off the rope lighting fixture.

To make a really beautiful farmhouse kitchen lighting fixture it’s not necessary to know how to plane and to saw because actually if you will go outside or for a family picnic you can find so many laying in that you can definitely use. Like, for example, the burch bark what has a cone shape and all you need to do with it is just to use it a perfect designed lighting fixture.

Also as a variant you can make the following kind of lighting fixture. For this you just need to find a really huge wooden branch and..just to wrap the wire with lamps around it so they kinda look down. And that it! It’s super easy, but really uniq and all your guests are gonna be just really amazed thinking that it’s made by designer!

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