Family Kitchens – Kitchens that are friends for kids

Mothers never pour batter for pancakes in the snowman form just for themselves. Kitchens are usually filled with children. It doesn’t matter if you are a grandparent looking after a group of children, or imagine you are thinking of having one, it’s essential to remember about kids. Eventually, you should be certain that it’s possible for them to find the counter in order to make the chocolate chip biscuits; that they are not going to burn hands while trying to take from the oven’s sheet a hot one that has just been prepared.

There are several hints that we have found for harmless and achievable kitchen place for children:

A space for kids

It’s not important whether you have a super playroom or not. Children (particularly really small) dream of being close to their parents, so designing a special place for kids in your kitchen is a super idea. An array of main cabinets that are easily reached will be suitable for children to take (as well as to clean) pencils and sheets of paper.

A very good idea for parents and kids is to add a cubby zone as mother and father are able to put swiftly toys that children have forgotten, or books that are half-read, in the kid’s cubby where they are kept safely. The next time when children are bored, there won’t be any problems of taking out accurately these toys.

Family Kitchens - Kitchens that are friends for kids

Talking about flooring and countertops

There is a question: Where will your Picasso sit when he/she finds everything necessary in the crafts cabinet? “You should be very attentive and do not construct high bars in your design”- warns Betty Nairn of Cabinet-S-Top of Medina from Ohio. Children sitting on high stools can be a cause of a trouble. If you want to shun crashes, you should think about a seating place at the height of a table. A wise solution is an island that is higher with a raised countertop where parents can work, and a lower one at a child’s height, though near the actions. But, please, be very attentive, and do not let your kids come too close. In case of small children, it’s better not to set a cooktop on an island, because they may want to grab a pan, or if they are somewhere near you they can be splashed by hot oil.

You must also pay attention to the surface, not only to the height of the countertop. A non- porous surface (for example, quartz), which is not soiled, worn excessively, or torn, is recommended by Nairn. You need to change sharp corners into round edges, too. Also you should look down. The floor ought to be cleaned easily and it shouldn’t be slippery. If you have a pattern on the floor, then dirt will not be highly visible, and think about durability – in some cases your floor may look like a tricycle track.

Family Kitchens - Kitchens that are friends for kids

A cooking area that is safe for children

All families know the phrases: “I am hungry”, “What is for dinner?” and the refrigerator door is constantly opening and closing. Let your kids be independent, give them availability – design a special place for them where they can cook meals. For instance, a breakfast area will allow them to get, plastic plates, cereals, spoons. Instead of a battle with milk set situated somewhere high you can place a refrigerator drawer in an island that is easily accessible. Talking about the fridge itself, make sure that you chose a model that has an ice and water dispenser on the door.

Your children will be agitated by making an easy meal or snack (from popcorn to porridge in the morning) and the microwave will help you as it is safe and simple. This lets them avoid using the oven, therefore deny the idea of fixing a microwave over the range as it may be not safe. A microwave drawer that can be set into an island was introduced by Sharp not so long ago. It has an interior control panel suitable for kids and making it easy to heat up fast food. It also excludes bending and availability for mother and father.

Main Safety Hints

Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen – that is advice for parents, and just for cooks, from Nairn, and keep it away from the oven in an easily accessible place. Besides, a lot of things, e.g. knives, cleaners, must be put far from inquisitive children. Nowadays, there are special safety locks – one cannot see them from the outside part of the cabinet. It means it’s not necessary to break the design with ugly plastic nails to make sure your kids are in safety.

Family Kitchens - Kitchens that are friends for kids

When it comes to supervised cooking, for example stirring a hot pan with pasta sauce, you should have a stepstool nearby (better if it has slip-resistant legs). This will let you and your little cook think about licking the plate, and not about how to insecure attain the counter.

Little Things

As kitchen is considered to be the main part of the home, pay attention to small touches which will allow your home to work more harmoniously and fancifully. Your fridge will have double charge being the message center of the family if there is a chalkboard panel or a corkboard.

Don’t forget about colours. On the whole, your kitchen is your memories. It shouldn’t be beige. The walls coloured in bright lemon yellow are able to brush things up. The pictures of your kids can have the same effect: determine an area where latest drawings will be hung.

Choosing a specific faucet does not contain any safety aims, but according to Nairm, it’s better to have a model with a pullout spray which children may squirt from time to time.

As it is nice to feel foolish and in safety.

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