Exclusive ideas for kitchens

The time of typical interiors remains in the recent past. Unformatted design and modern modular furniture performed by the author projects in accordance with your desires will help to make your kitchen unique. To sustain the idea of the concept you first need to determine the priority of style. Such popular interior design ideas for kitchens as the classic, country, modern and contemporary can serves as the examples for you.

If you treat the kitchen design only from a functional side and make a bet only on the practicality in design the boring space eventually will crush you psychologically. Variegated, catchy look apron can become the chesspiece of your. Laminated panels with unbanal prints performed with the help of printing technique will take care from it. Pictures of designer kitchens with such aprons are the conclusive evidence of it. Panno that is laid out in a horizontal aspiration above the working area and is framed by a border will duplicate a beautiful track. Complex patterns or independent narrative fragments united by one idea are also looking very interesting.

The composition of the triangles (chevrons) is laid out with tiles 10 x 10 as a cardiogram. Zigzags also look fun in combination with discordant colors. This pattern looks beautiful on the floor. Select ceramic squares of two colors and repeat the curves on the lower plane. Monochrome space will be dilutes by the bright carpet. The brightness of the colors of the open shelves also will impress everyone. Primitive actions affect by their luxurious effect. Paint the inside of the open cabinets or the back wall behind the hinged construction in a contrasting color. Fragmented elements of the photo walls also have a success. It is possible to issue open wall with sheets with recipes or dimensional proportions. White lines of marking on the gray plane certainly cannot be called trivial.

Make a magnetic wall. Let’s leave the habit to hang everything on the fridge in the past. You can make the composition from the donated details and leave notes on such a wall. The construction itself is made with a special paint. Seamless countertop from a natural stone or cool imitation of it will be the missing link in the chain of designing and it will connect the modules in the set. Household appliances become the finishing part of your exclusive kitchen. As you can see the kitchen design accepts the past tradition and transforms them into new ideas. In order to avoid upgrades and updates configure the space in accordance with your requirements.

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