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The main task of the designer – not only equip the kitchen with everything you need, but also to ensure free access to household appliances, storage, dining table. Is it possible? Yes. An example of this are the numerous solutions implemented.

Space planning begins before the repair and even more so to purchase furniture and equipment. Because then it would be impossible to make a permutation: the kitchen all tied to communications. Attention! When pre-planning must take into account that after the alignment of the walls or tiling kitchen linear dimensions may be reduced. Even missing one centimeter can not afford to install previously ordered furniture.

Options for  comfortable

Therefore, the final layout of the furniture in a small kitchen is done after finishing the wall. There are several options for a comfortable arrangement of antique kitchen scales  and equipment in a small area. The choice of each of them in the first place is determined by the shape of the kitchen.  The most popular and commonly used option that is suitable for the kitchen of almost any shape and size. Plan involves the location of the headset along two adjacent walls. Its advantages: the ability to create a comfortable working triangle stove-sink-fridge; efficient use of space, especially when using sliding and rotary members in angular units; the compact arrangement of household appliances – everything is at arm’s length; it remains free of the opposite corner of the kitchen, which can accommodate a dining area.

This option may not be the best solution, if the kitchen is communicating or uncomfortable located balcony, dining area interfering with the organization. But it is suitable for most standard compact kitchens. For planning small kitchens narrow elongated best solution would be the location of the headset along one of the long walls. The table in this case is located at the end or on the opposite wall. If the distance between the work area and the table is less than 1-1.2 meters, making it a convertible sofa.

The main drawback of such a plan – the lack of sufficient space for a dining table. But the output can be found. For example, to strengthen their own hands and make a wider sill, turning it into a makeshift bar. Or consider when ordering an additional headset, slides out from underneath the main tabletop.

For the hostess this arrangement very convenient and enough places for storage and work surface. But here’s a small table in the kitchen will have nowhere to put antique kitchen scales for sale. Therefore, this option is suitable only for apartments with a private dining room or a kitchen, a room with another room.

For big family

If a family is more than 3-4 people, with any layout is not enough space to simultaneously accommodate a table of all, it is necessary to think about, to give room only for the work area. It is better to once or twice a day to run with the dishes in another room than there is on the line and not be able to put in the kitchen all the necessary equipment. Maybe this guide below will not be opening for those who have long been forced to put up with microscopic dimensions of the kitchen. But it can be useful to those who bought the first in his own home life, and wants to equip antique kitchen scales with weights with the maximum comfort for themselves.

Who said that the depth of the kitchen drawers have to be a 60 cm? Make it a bit smaller. It is unlikely that this much impact on a roomy closet, but you win some free space for maneuvers. Decide which of the art would have to be in your kitchen, and without which you can do without. After this study offers manufacturers, paying attention to the size and functionality of a device. The price of non-standard equipment may be higher than usual, but also bought it not for one year, and you need to cook every day. The custom kitchen cabinets depth of less than 60 cm is not possible to build such an overall technique, refrigerator, oven or dishwasher. For them, it is best to find a place at the end of the headset or in the corner unit.

It is clear that the rational placement of furniture in a small kitchen becomes the main task during the repair. But do not forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. Use all possible methods of visual expansion of space, and then your kitchen will not only convenient, but also beautiful, comfortable and even spacious.

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