Early American Kitchens – Photo and Design First Kitchen

Early American kitchens had been harmonizing with Federal and Colonial Georgian  designs from 1640 to 1840.Masters have borrowed many Americana style ideals, creating well-known Colonial Neocolonial and Revival  styles.

Shabby-colored kitchen cabinets, grey-colored steatite kitchen surface, gnarled parquet floors and a rural kitchen table provide this country-styled kitchen with a special  early American atmosphere.

While colonizing process, settlers from many European countries brought many different national traditions of woodwork from their birthplaces. Adapting their styles to the new climate and landscape, they have created many unique styles.

American’s treatment to kitchens has expanded a wide range of styles, but all in all they have saved their own Americana-styled elements. They are defined by rural design, plane lines and avoiding of fussy decoration.

Wide pieces of parquet floors give the kitchen an atmosphere of warmth and history of early American house. That is why you should try it in you interior!

Sunny lights, which are coming from the outside through the big window with a beautiful view on the yard, give homeowners a sense of placidity and freedom. You may add more sitting places and a comfortable table to make your kitchen more welcoming for your friends and relatives. Also you can put the old family clocks on the wall, other domestic furniture and provide the table with beautifully served food. Do not limit your fantasy creating a project of your own kitchen style!

I see that American kitchen style pretend to be chosen by homeowners, who like an atmosphere of traditional American lifestyle and who want to make their own piece of that multicolored country in their houses.

We have shown to you many pictures with American kitchen style view! If their number is not big enough for you, you may read a special literature about it and also you may watch many thematic videos in the YouTube. You should be able to decide after that, what your future kitchen will be like. We wish you a good luck in your choosing!

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