Different antique kitchen tables

If we talk about the size of the kitchen, the golden mean – a yardage of 10 square meters. In this area it is possible to comfortably accommodate the necessary appliances, working and dining areas. This plan kitchen of 11 m or 10 may be very different: straight, angled, L-shaped, with an island. Let’s look at options for a compact and rational design of kitchen space with the meter.

So, for the design of 10-meter kitchen space, you can use one of two options. Single-row placement of furniture. In this case all kitchen furniture and appliances should be placed in a line along one of the walls – it will be a work area. But the antique kitchen table can be positioned both along the other wall, and in the center of the room (there is already all depends on the size of all dining group).

Tip! If a large family, or often come to visit, of course, dining table should be large. Then it is better to put it in the center of the kitchen. If a small family, the compact kitchen area, located in the corner of all the wall in front of the working area – will be enough.

Main Ways

Double-row placement of furniture. Most often antique kitchen table and chairs is chosen by those who have the door to the kitchen is in the center of the wall. On either side of the front door is enough space for a comfortable arrangement of the whole kitchen furniture and appliances. The dining table will fit perfectly in the center of the room, it is desirable that it was a rounded form.

Another important point: all the working units are better placed to one side. For example, a refrigerator, stove and sink are in the same breath and merged with each other work surface. Note! In this case, the refrigerator must be in either end of the row or at the beginning.

Design rectangular antique kitchen tables and chairs largely depends on finding the front door and windows. The most optimal is considered the angular shaped arrangement of furniture and appliances. By the way, plan kitchen 7 sq. can be conveniently implemented in the same way.

By choosing a corner kitchen, you have a lot of advantages will appear! Furniture will not take up too much space, and the work area will be the most favorable for cutting and preparing food. In addition, there will be one or two corner cabinets – a noticeable saving space and a great opportunity to fit a huge number of kitchen utensils.

Good Advice

Remarkably, angular layout of the kitchen of 7 meters or 10 lets you use a wall with a window. You can put the lower modules, covered top, which continues to the main part of the angular headset. Or continue kitchen set the bar – quite the new fashion trend.

The kitchen, like the living room or bedroom, too, should be a model of comfort. To achieve this helps the creation of competent interior. Below we will give advice on design of kitchen space footage 10 and 11 square meters, which we hope will be useful.

Color solution

Design of miniature and medium size kitchens involves far more accurate work with color, rather than plan kitchen 14 sq. m. Here we must strive to create air and light for perception of space. Alas, the dreams of solid wood and the dark walls will have to be postponed until better times. A sort of retro, a pronounced positive color – a palette of 50-ies. A mixture of cheerful red with mesmerizing turquoise! In this kitchen would be appropriate to look and “tubby refrigerator”, and the old chairs and checkered tablecloth. Take a good try, you can create your own hands a real exclusive interior!

Another variation of pastel shades and bright accents. Kitchen layout made with the use of pastel colors – always a winning option. You can do more color transitions of the pastel tones. And to spice up the interior – add the bright accents. The most correct to highlight the tablecloth, tabletop, apron or curtains for the kitchen.

The background may serve as such bright colors like green, blue, beige, terracotta, pearl, white, gray. For background need to pick up some bright parts. Here are just keen on is not necessary, select a couple of options available: pictures, curtains, lamps, dishes, pillows, fresh flowers, etc. As presented in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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