Designs for small kitchens or a small kitchen is not a diagnosis

Sweet thrill is in the heart of every housewife when they hear about a spacious kitchen of correct form. How many bold ideas can be realized there! If your kitchen is not classified as large, then you should not upset. Even in the small kitchens a real island of relaxation and comfort can be made. Now we will talk about the most rational kitchen designs for small kitchens.

In order to maximize the potential of a small kitchen it is necessary to consider everything: from the color of the walls to form of windows and doors. Decoration of the walls, ceiling and floor should aspire to one purpose and it is the expansion of space.

It does not mean that all must be painted in white, but the dictates of bright colors adds visual space to the room. The pastel colors look especially good in small kitchens. Peach, cream, mint, cherry blossoms or shade of trendy “French powder” are the basic colors in kitchen ideas for small kitchens. You should not completely abandon the drawings or prints. But they should be picked very carefully. The larger patterns, the closer will seem the kitchen.

Use smooth factures and avoid an abundance of small parts in the designing of the interior. Designs for small kitchens must not overload the interior. Attitude to precious square inches very gently. For example, the sliding door will save you a good 0.7-0.8 meters of space. If you cannot set the sliding system, then you can make a folding kitchen door, this technique also minimizes space costs.

Small kitchens designs also require proper placement of furniture. Each option of the arrangement of kitchen furniture has its own characteristics and nuances that must be considered while furnishing small size kitchen. Oven, microwave oven and other appliances can be placed in a high cabinet. So you free up space for cooking at the very top. Thus the kitchen of any size and design can be equipped conveniently and comfortably. The most important principle of kitchen design ideas for small kitchens is the effective use of available space.

Designs for small kitchens

In order to accommodate a small kitchen area with all necessary, and, besides, it was pleasant and cozy room, it is needful to learn some tricks in designing of small kitchens. Use the versatile furniture. It has a major role in saving space. Sliding tables, reclining seats and outgoing shelves is the great opportunity to manage space as desired. Use modern facilities. Instead of buying of a gas cooker purchase a cooking surface. Learn to give up from the excesses. The Japanese say that if thing have no place, and then it is still too early to appear for it in the living space. It may be difficult to choose between aerogrill and microwave, coffee machine and the bread maker. Anyway you need to choose. So now you know how to receive simple kitchen designs for small kitchens.


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