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So, you’ve decided to do something new in your house. Start with the kitchen for this place is considered to be a very magnifying room in any house. There are different functions that the kitchen may perform.

  • It is a place for food preparation. There are the smells as well as specific colors and an appropriate ambiance that influence our mood and appetite.
  • It can be very comfortable in one kind of kitchens even though they not equipped with up-to-date appliances. On the contrary, some trendy stylish kitchen may look soulless.

That’s why it is vitally important to appeal to your feelings and imaginations while the process of a kitchen renovation. Of course, it is not simple especially if you have no time or efforts to think over all the details on your own. There are specially educated specialists – designers who know every specific secret to creating very stunning examples of the kitchen. But their services cost quite a lot of money. If you can afford this, you will save your nerves and will get the desired result in no time.

Possible ways of kitchen design online

But if you want to do every step all by yourself – it is also a great idea for in this case you can make some mistakes but you will go further and maybe in the future, a designed job will be your favorite. After all, you will have nobody to blame for some drawbacks. You will see that the designing process can be even some sort of fun.

Possible ways of kitchen design online

There are different helpers to create the design of any room or even the house. They will help you to create your desired room images from idea to real detailed and specified plan. Some of them demand operating skills, others teach you with the help of special tutorial programs.

These planners can be paid or free. Paid versions are all well-equipped with a plenty of images and they give you necessary inspiration and a toolbar of functional options. They are different in their level of designing. But anyway, most of them have free trial applications where you can try your abilities and make a choice about purchasing the full version of the program. But frankly speaking, paid versions are mostly professional tools and rather complicated. That is why; if you are a total beginner, you should start with design your kitchen online free.

  • Unpaid programs fail to display all views of your virtual kitchen.
  • They have fewer options if compared with paid software.

But in general, they are good for total beginners in the field of designing.

So after choosing a suitable planner, go further

Do all necessary measurements of your current kitchen. For this purpose get armed with a pencil, grid paper, and a measuring tape. Then use software tools to substitute the figures.

1) While taking measures do not include drawers and cabinets

2)  Do all the measurements in inches

3)  Sketch a general outlook of your kitchen, mark doors, windows, engineer communications, radiators and all other elements which you are not going to remove or replace.

4)  Measure the walls from corner to corner or from corner to the window including the window trims in your calculations.

5)  Measure the height of your ceiling

6)  Measure the radiator and communication dimensions.

Online kitchen design offers you start with entering current dimensions of your kitchen.

The next step is choosing the kitchen layout. Mind the following tips:

If you have a small kitchen, choose from one-wall, L-shaped and in some cases U-shaped layouts. They will provide you with enough space to arrange the cabinetry, place kitchen appliances. And will not obstruct the pathway and exit.

If you have a spacious kitchen, you have more capabilities for renovation. In this case, you can afford an island, peninsular and galley layout.

Design my kitchen

How to choose the right material

3d kitchen design catalog may help you choose from a great variety of materials for your kitchen: wood, natural stone, plastic laminate, MDF, glass.

Laminate is rather expensive material, but it offers great varieties of designing. There are different colors, patterns to create a really attractive kitchen look. It is not recommended to put hot items right out of the oven on the laminate surface as well as you should be careful with sharp knives. Use cutting boards. In all other aspects laminate is a very practical material and easy to take care of.

If you choose countertop topping, think about stainless steel. It matches different colors and mostly used in high-tech and other contemporary styled kitchens. Stainless steel is a durable material, but be careful with scratches and deformations. To avoid unpleasant events – use boards and trivets when necessary.

Concrete is usually applied on countertops. This solid material protects gloss finish. Different stains are less visible on its surface. Interactive kitchen design is a unique chance to apply different materials and see how they work.

Wood has many variants for designing. Being the natural material, it should be perfectly well taken care of. It can lose its attractive outer characteristics over time, but it is very environmentally-friendly. In order to overdue its exposure, don’t leave any food remnants on the wood surface, Avoid crackers.  You will have also to protect wooden elements with linseed oil. Wood is considered to be the vest variant for its beauty and the sense of prosperity. This material will never go out of fashion.

Many people today choose glass for decorating their kitchen. It is used in spaces that need to be enlarged or saturated with more light. Glass is very easy in everyday exposure and cleaning. You will find different colors and patterns of glass surfaces. But at the same time, glass is very fragile and doesn’t like high temperatures and sharp kitchen utensils.

Use additional tips of the software design to choose the right material. Design kitchen online in 3d simulation to see if a chosen surface attracts you.

Color and illumination

Design your kitchen according to recommendations about the color proportions in the kitchen. So, about 60% of your kitchen should be painted into the background hue. The rest 40% you may divide between two other colors. In this case, the overall look wouldn’t seem eclectically and messy. On the contrary, the monotonous design is rather boring and needs in some decorative accents.

Next, you can apply colors when creating your kitchen, combine them with each other, see interesting color combinations either from opposite sides of the color wheel or neighboring ones. For example, country style is good in using different color mixtures to get that tacky homely appearance.

Color and illumination

Otherwise, contemporary styles often prefer a design with the help of one color various shades.

Use free kitchen design software to decide about the color influence on you.

Also, mind that colors influence the appetite. Thus, choose red or other saturated juicy colors if you do not keep on a diet, for they awake the desire to have something to eat. The cold color palette, on the contrary, is recommended for people with overweight. But use colors within reasonable limits. Bright hues often irritate or cause anger if applied in big quantities while cold colors are considered to be rather oppressive.

Paint your walls green or blue to reduce the level of stress and eliminate depression, because these colors work as sedatives.

Ceiling paint is also very important. But if you plan to use saturated color on walls and floor, leave the ceiling perfectly white.


Design your kitchen using some tips for lightning principles. As a rule, built-up lighted areas cam highlight the preferable places in your kitchen. Playing with shadows, you will be able to hide unpleasant areas. Free online designing tools have very helpful options when the chosen source of light can be moved about the virtual kitchen allowing you to observe light reflections and shadow stripes.

If your kitchen is rather small, one lamp may be enough to illuminate the space. But in medium-sized and especially in big kitchens this aspect is vitally important. Designers advise using three sources of illumination. The first will be placed above the cooker, the second – above the working place, and the third one is a general lightning when all your family gathers at the dining table.

Design a kitchen online choosing your working space

A kitchen is a place where you work. That is why you should know how to make it less tiring and more effective. Ideally, the cook should have the opportunity to have an access to all necessary items within an arm’s reach. The rule of “working triangular” was specifically worked out in the middle of the 20 century to simplify your abilities for food preparation. Any working triangular consists of three zones: keeping and storing (refrigerator), cutting and slicing (processing table) and washing (sink) to eliminate superfluous movements about the kitchen.

Different kitchen layouts have various opportunities to create this triangular. So one-wall kitchen sets the third point on a dining table which may be also a working surface.

At the same time, in galley kitchens, the working triangular will be imagined between a stove and a sink on one side with a refrigerator and cutting countertop on the other.

Nowadays it’s very widespread to use working areas or working zones, which are usually applied in island kitchen layouts.

Correspond to the gallery with different styled kitchens

The question about the kitchen style is also very important if you want to have really a stylish kitchen. There are classical, modern, country, retro, high-tech, Scandinavian, Victorian, eclectic, minimalistic style, Province, Loft, Colonial styles. And each of them features its own gorgeous characteristics. Virtual kitchen design will help you to decide what style to choose.

You may choose a minimalistic design which attracts by its simplicity and straight lines. You will have to choose only the most necessary items because this style is out of keeping with too stuffed kitchen.

There is no a general advice for selecting the best kitchen design. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages. And people may react to it in different ways.

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