Design Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets in 2016

The first things you see when you enter a kitchen are cabinets they are placed at eye level and take up the major space of the kitchen. Installing new cabinets will give a new look to your kitchen and this upgraded design will allow you to increase your apartment’s resale cost.

Interior design fashion trends are constantly changed that’s why it is a great idea to keep up with these trends to understand what changes you need to make with your home. Here are some design ideas that conform with the most recent and main trends according to the experts. I hope they will provoke your interest.

Bright Accessories and Lighting under the Kitchen Cabinet

If the look of your kitchen does not fully satisfy you and you can’t afford to make a complete remodel, you can upgrade the hardware. You can add something a bit more modern to the old handles, for example, brushed-nickel finish or replace them with new knobs of square form and graceful copper color. These small details will allow you to make significant changes. Replacing the old hardware is one of the most economic ways to embellish your cabinets while you can save up for more large-scale projects.

Cabinets with lighting are getting more and more popular. Soft lighting under cabinets visually extends space and can be used as nightlights. Spotlights can also be used to direct light on beautiful glassware and show pieces. You can place lighting in your kitchen as you wish or install dimmer switches if you need.

Design Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets in 2016

Glass Front Doors

To see the dishes and other items you’ve illuminated with spotlights, you should install glass front doors. Modern kitchen cabinets are generally fitted with such doors. They add feeling of lightness and transparence to the kitchen interior.

Your aim is to create a focal point within by showing collection items or glassware, and you should know that you can always add one o more spotlights. Bothe options of glassware with and without designs look wonderful through the glass cabinet doors. And you can choose what you want more!

Dingy White and Dark Wood

In spite of the fact that they have opposite looks, dingy white and wood are approved professional designers and experts. Dingy white is a design color traditionally used for home and will never be out of the picture. It’s not only a safe way for action, but it is also element of classical design. Neutral tone allows natural brightness and elegance to be added to a kitchen without extensive effort. This way also provides you with unlimited opportunities to use other colors and design for kitchen you wish.

Kitchen cabinets in dark walnut color look simply gorgeous wonderful! Stainless steel solution makes such cabinet look even better. Dark wood cabinets look perfectly in a kitchen and do not create darkness or dreary atmosphere. The floors with neutral tile, beautiful polished countertop, backsplash make the kitchen look bright and attractive!


Shaker Style

Shaker style is one of the most popular contemporary trends for kitchen cabinet. This simple, light and clear design is suitable for any kitchen. The square-paneled doors are key characteristic feature of a shaker style of kitchen cabinets. Why not to mix some different trends together in one room to create your own new unique design.

Mixing & Matching

Creating something like islands different in colors and shades in one kitchen is not prohibited. Wood or rich black kitchen islands can be combined with white cabinets. With the help of these combinations you can add additional space and warmth and richness of colors to your kitchen. Such way of finishing allows the monotony of traditional one-colour cabinets to be broken.

If there is no a kitchen island or space to install one, you can use contrasting colors for neighboring sections of cabinetry. The image above demonstrates how this idea can be implemented.

Design Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets in 2016

Different styles and shapes of the construction of the cabinets and drawers can also be combined and matched. You can add some open shelves and mix types of storage. These small details will make your kitchen look fresh and allow you to avoid the feeling that the space in the kitchen is overloaded.

Maximize Storage, Function & Efficiency

I spoke about mixing and matching types of storage, but I want to describe this trend more detailed. Kitchen cabinets have become much more functional as now they are fitted with pullout trays and boxes for bread. If you have narrow spaces you can also make profit of it, for example using slim opening for baking sheets.

Some homeowners also have custom-made drawers including such special features as dividers and shelves for storage of pots, saucepans and pans. The key idea here is to provide maximum functionality, economic use of space and convenience of your kitchen.

Design Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets in 2016


Well updated and organized kitchen is not matter of course. It requires hard work, but upgrading your kitchen cabinets is also an exciting process and all your efforts will be paid off in the future!  Don’t forget that it takes time to choose the perfect fit. There is a wide choice of options, but you will hopefully find something that satisfies your taste and is suitable for your style.

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