Design a kitchen – not just a place for cooking

Nowadays the design of the modern kitchens includes not only the availability of modular or case furniture but also the presence of rack systems in the kitchen area, which also have an important advantage for small kitchens. They increase volume of the room visually, creating the illusion of spaciousness and simultaneously solving the problem of placing the numerous kitchen utensils.

Modern interior designer kitchens aim to relieve and alleviate the kitchen. First of all it is manifested primarily in relieving of the kitchen from heavy wall cabinets. They are replaced by the shelves. Designer kitchens Perth are a clear example of this. Thus today manufacturers offer a variety of options for shelves. These can be functional wall shelves-lattice made of stainless steel, which are mounted on brackets and can hold even a few heavy saucepans those are put on each other.

Also brackets are used for mounting of glass shelves. It is a convenient solution where the items of the average weight will be placed on them. Lightweight, transparent, made of tempered glass, usually with a rough textured surface shelves can be a highlight of any interior. Open cabinets with wide shelves or roomy square meshes are often put directly on the countertop. Often such construction is more economical option because there is a direct savings on the doors equipped with modern machineries of opening.

design a kitchen

Unloading the top kitchen became flaunt its content and basic elements. Translucent and transparent drawers and open storage systems have also achieved the widespread use. Even extremer seems kitchens those are performed almost entirely of steel or aluminum. Also independent units, which include a series of equipped and comfortable cabinets, wall volume buffets have appeared in the kitchens space for easy storing of products, utensils, large and small electrical appliances.

There is much more glass in the “transparent” kitchens than in the traditional ones. And this is understandable. Glass like no other material makes the kitchen meet the requirements of modern designer kitchens. Transparent glass reduces the time of searching and increases the aesthetic appeal of the kitchens. Subtle frosted glass slightly colored with spraying softens the outlines of objects in cabinets. Transitional elements equally relevant both in the interior and at the junction with the dining room or living room are increasingly used today. These are transparent cabinets, display cases, shelves and racks.

design a kitchen

A small sliding wardrobe with doors of frosted glass is also one of the most popular designer solutions today. Functional uprights similar to the bookcases are also sometimes put on the bar that makes an interesting accent to a bar area and delicately zoning the space. So these are not all modern designer solutions. There are many other interesting ones. In order to find out about most of them you can contemplate the designer kitchens pictures.


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