Dark Wood Kitchens, Walnut Color – Traditional Kitchen Design

The excellent choice for those who want to make the special space at home, rich colors and warmth that will wrap you from the head to the toes. Deep and luxurious environment is guaranteed, here every detail matters. The dark wood is beautiful, the ambiance will be surely perfect, and so the design solution should be laid out taking into account the footage, the wall’s height and mostly the wanted final impression.

The dark walnut hues have the strong association with nature; it’s like tree trunk – stable and reliable. Here you can create the atmosphere where everyone would like to spend time in the kitchen. All of us need the coziness and intimacy – maybe this variant is right for you and the dark walnut color will give the kitchen these features.

Deep walnut colored cabinets have a tendency to be more and more popular nowadays. Before this material was used mostly for expensive home libraries or wine cellars, but lately everything has changed. These tones are very popular and won’t go out of favor without a doubt. Here you can see the most interesting, unusual or maybe classical variations – choose that are mostly preferable for you.

You may choose the dark walnut-colored wood cabinets with the one prevailed tone or make it more interesting adding the other contrasting hues. If you prefer dark walnut as a central color, it will look more elegant and official. But the white and pastel countertops give the impression of lightness; the darker surfaces make it more elegant and rich.

If we talk about these cabinets the owners should take into account the proper care for them. They are just like a stylish ebony grand piano; it requires an extra care and attention, that’s obvious. When we look at the dark wood we think about luxury, this is the proper attitude to the furniture. Everything you need is to maintain its cleanliness at a high level.

Visually on the dark surfaces dust and smudges look very noticeable, so the care should be done with attention. Cleaning and dusting should be frequent; that’s the requirement that doesn’t need lots of time but a special attitude to the most problem areas as the solid-painted cabinets. If you want to prolong the excellent condition of the cabinets just make sure everything is under control. So knowing such the details will prevent the difficulties in exploitation in advance.

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