Dark Wood Kitchens, Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen cabinets in dark wood are elegant and sophisticated. At the same time it’s the best variant for small rooms, it helps making it visually bigger. Using the sufficient lightning will make the additional work and create the special atmosphere.

Here in the gallery you can find various examples showing the most successful design solutions. These cabinets will never look dated and stay in favor for a long time. But the important thing is the combining of it with the proper colors, materials and textures.

In a small kitchen it is important to not only use dark colors with the dark wood carefully, complement the interior with the other shades and also make a good lightning – both natural and artificial. But as for other colors, the contrast can be approached by very many shades. Black is a very loyal neighbor, it looks good in almost any contrast.

Many housewives do not accept dark wood furniture, because the dust and various stains are visible on the surfaces. But this can be solved, there are created a variety of protective compounds that help to keep the life of the cabinets. And one of them is a substance, which protects the surfaces from dust, fingerprints and other types of impurity.

The kitchen facade in dark wood fits well into any interior. The monumental feeling of luxury and wealth is created by strict lines of the entire furniture set. Perfectly matches the dark facade with the bright colors of the walls and ceiling, made in a modern style.

These cabinets don’t require special selection of accessories, colors, appliances. You can use any finishing materials that blend in tone with the color of kitchen furniture. They allow you to create a cozy and harmonious interior in the smallest kitchens even if you do not have a clue about the organization of the space. Good combinations are with black, grey, purple and blue colors.

This color has a positive effect on the people’s mood. It calms, soothes, brings thoughts in order. After a crazy work day, it will wrap you with its cozy atmosphere and give a complete relaxation.

Creating your kitchen in dark wood, you get minimalist sophistication, elegance, gloss and the comfort at the same time. All of this will be a pleasant part of your life, and the time spending here at breakfast, lunch or dinner will be pleasant, easy and peaceful. The main requirement is cleanliness; this will help you to enjoy the interior for a long time.

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