Dark Wood Kitchens, Cherry Color – Traditional Kitchen Design

The dark cherry-colored kitchens always look luxurious and attract the attention of the guests. It’s the perfect example of the classical style, its best traditions. This environment will be the most suitable to the respectable houses. The wood is warm and pleasant to touch, its’ the proper way to make the interior special and more formal at the same time.

The most interesting and intriguing shades are cherry-colored and red, that’s approved by the decades. The popularity of the cabinets with this choice of wood is undeniable.  Think about the impression you want to create and find the solutions in the gallery. The hues are various – they can be close to the chocolate or lighter, with fiery shades.

When you think about this color there’s something romantic and beautiful. Here is a cozy atmosphere, friendly space for everyone. At the same time it can be much more formal and strict, it all depends on the fact whether the surfaces are glossy or matte. Also matters the décor, maybe the golden elements or carvings.

It’s the elegant choice that is usually made by the owners of high-end houses. They are favored and popular, so these kitchens won’t be left without proper attention. What comes to glove that you can imagine such the variations? It’s the prosperity and warm atmosphere, the place where everyone feels comfortable.

Look at the pictures and find the most interesting variation – this color range is out of time. Think about the forged lamps, stylish chrome parts, and light upholstered chairs, lots of light and space – that will probably fit to your interior. The houseplants won’t be redundant, think about the bronze items – it looks very attractive.

But if we talk about the red hues there won’t be lots of details because color says for itself, it’s rich and doesn’t need extra decorations. The less of them, the more formal looks the interior. Maybe dark cherry-colored shades are not what you really want, so take a look at the medium ones.

Speaking about the special care to the cabinet’s surfaces, the owners should treat it properly. Think about Rolls-Royce – it’s luxurious and needs the special attitude, the impeccable cleanliness is very important. So here may be used the phrase – you have no second chance to make a first impression. The dusting should be more frequent, that is obvious especially for the solid-painted cabinets.

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