Creative kitchens. Painted Kitchens – fine arts in furniture

Painted kitchens are one of the most fashionable and beautiful trends of recent years. And really it is enough to look on them to confirm how beautiful they are. Bright, shiny, and what is the most important, practical kitchens with enamelling are the perfect choice for modern kitchens.

Have you ever heard about colored with enamel kitchens? It must be recognized that there is a lot of information, especially controversial one. That is why in this article we will talk about all the pros and cons of the colored kitchens. MDF boards and the materials themselves are the basis for the kitchen`s facades. These boards are pressed on natural glue wood dust. Material is absolutely natural and harmless. It is mechanically durable and amenable to buckling and the milling. These facades are processed to sophisticated technology of painting and the quality of paints is the most important thing here. Exactly polyurethane based enamel determines the condition that painted kitchen does not fade, does not smell, does not absorb odors and moisture and they are environmentally friendly.

Several hundreds of colors are available in production range of kitchens with enamelling. In addition there are seven kinds of coating. This is matt, gloss, high gloss, a chameleon, metallic that reminiscent of bright and deeply colored cars, pearly, which have the characteristic of “blurred” flicker and pearlescent that is characterized by “playing” the rays of light refraction. You can also make a unique element in your own painted kitchen and it is the patterning. In addition the paint may also be applied on the inner side of the facades.

Such creative kitchens have some advantages compared with other types. For example, when the PVC film may eventually peel off the panel under the influence of moisture and high temperatures, or the facades of wood can dry up, lose the form for the same reason (we are talking about a few years of operation), the painted kitchens are reliably protected from it.

Thanks to high-quality treatment painted surface is resistant to flaking of the surface, mechanical damages moisture and sunlight. In addition such kitchens do not warp, do not swell and do not absorb smells. As for the stylistic opportunities with painted kitchens here your imagination is practically unlimited here except of the size of your kitchen.

Finally, the facades of dyed kitchens are quite resistant to scratches. Because they are primed then covered carefully with several layers of enamel, then they are covered with several layers of varnish. Everything is thought out! In fact painted facades have no drawbacks because the painted surface has the processing of high quality, which in its turn prevents peeling off of the surface. Kitchens with painted facades perform the most unusual and futuristic solutions because they have no restrictions on the width or height. It all depends on the room which they will be located in.

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