Craftsman Kitchen Design Ideas and Photo Gallery

Craftsman kitchens can be identified by their common lines, strong carcass and avoiding of fussy decoration. Here are a few photos with kitchens that were made in this style.

This astonishing Craftsman kitchen design demonstrates a clever woodwork, a blue-colored kitchen island, a decorative wooden body, a good refrigerator and marmoreal kitchen surface.

The Britain Art and Crafts style is a precursor of the Craftsman kitchen style, which appeared at the beginning of 1900. Recent resumption have stimulated a process of building. Therefore, Craftsman kitchen style is increasing its popular the day by day for its charm, clever woodwork and high quality.

You may think that the Craftsman style looks like the same as English Art and Crafts style, but there is a difference between them. It is an American twist.  Gustav Stickley was the main developer of this style. The Craftsman designs feature a plane character, strict lines and heavy proportions.

Well built, Craftsman-styled kitchen cabinets have durable hand-made mechanism, curbstones with many drawers and tenon cabinetwork. That is why Craftsman kitchen cabinets contain a high quality and functionality. They also have very strong cabinetry, which were built like a family heritage piece of furniture.

The style had lost its popularity at 1970. That is why people started throwing Craftsman stuff out of their houses or selling it out at low prices.

However, the popularity of the style is increasing now. The reason for that is a huge number of dull and poorly made kitchen cabinets in modern shops nowadays. So it is better to buy an unique high quality bespoke kitchen than a kitchen, those copies you are able to find in the local stores.

Although Craftsman-styled kitchens are not cheap enough, they worth your money spending anyway!

There are some photos and pictures with kitchens that were made in Craftsman style. If you love to admire the simplicity and a benign of these types of kitchens, you should look at these images. But if you want to see more information about Craftsman kitchen style, you should search the net for reaching this goal! Take pleasure!

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