Crafts and Arts Kitchens – Pictures and Design Ideas

The main features of Crafts and Arts kitchens are rectangular forms of their cabinets, their durable mechanism, uncomplicated lines and also restrained decoration. This type of style may look like an identical to the Shaker or Craftsman kitchen style, but all in all these styles have some differences between each other.

Crafts and Arts Kitchens are traditionally made of light sorts of wood as an oak. They are commonly quite cumbersome. You may see a huge Kitchen Island, which is located in the center of room. There are usually green patterns on the kitchens’ walls and original baseboards.

This style appeared in 1890, when people had been being too tired of over-decorated environment in their houses. Its advantages are high quality of production, its simple lines and artisan’s skills.

Crafts and Arts style scheme was based on a combination of straight lines and

heavy proportions of cabinets.

Creating the kitchens cabinets craftsmen use different sorts of wood. For example, it may be Cherry, Ash, Maple, Birch or Hickory. Making some of details of this kind of kitchens masters also use the materials like iron or brass.

All pieces of kitchen cabinets are hand-made of wooden from the details to a moving mechanism. Obviously, these kitchens are made not for appearance but for the practicality and functionality.

Crafts and Arts style had lost its popularity by the 1970’s. That was a reason for many people to sell their kitchen cabinets and buy newer, so the Craft and Style had become an old-fashioned style by that time. The degree of its popularity is becoming higher and higher now, because there are too many plane and ordinary kitchen cabinets in the store, and all of us want to have unique specimen.

I think, this style will never die because of its practicality and reliability.

We believe you like this article! If you want to know more detailed info toward the kind of kitchen style like the Crafts and Art kitchen design, you should explore thematic literature and internet sites to solve this problem.

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