Country style kitchen

Not everyone like such popular nowadays style as minimalism not. If you are drawn to something more “spiritual” look at the style of the country, which is especially good for kitchens. It is difficult to say when the country style in the interior was born but it is clear that it came to us from the very “bottom” because not artsy kitchen design with using of natural materials has always been the privilege of the peasantry. With the time functional features of the country styles were supplemented by decor and moved to the kitchens of more affluent sections of the population. Nowadays this style is particularly relevant in country houses but nothing prevents to use it in design ideas for kitchens in city apartments.

Country or rustic style is the volumetric concept because the culture of different countries is expected their own particular specialties in kitchen design. French country will appeal to the romantic persons. Pastel colors and decorative elements predominate here. English will be suitable for the pragmatic personages because the main focus there is shifted to a neat finish. German one will fit to lovers of quiet comfort: wood trim is combined with functional furniture with minimal decor.

Regardless of the chosen national sample there are general requirements for the design of the country style kitchens. This is primarily natural finish wood, which is used for the walls, the ceiling, the design of doors and window frames. Sometimes wooden structure is combined with natural stone and the walls are covered with plaster of discreet tones. The floor often is decorated with ceramic tiles with rustic ornaments.

Table is the central point of the kitchen in country style. Exactly it dictates the specificity of the location of other furniture. Kitchen sets look massive and they are richly decorated with carvings. The color of the wood depends on the tastes of the owner. By opting for dark furniture do not forget about the bright textiles and accessories in order not to make the interior too dark. By the way “rustic” kitchen can be arranges with slightly worn furniture in Shabby chic style. This way you will get an interior with history.

Country style kitchen

Textiles and rustic decor form the final character of the interior. These can be plaid linen tablecloths, curtains in the style Patchwork, and wicker baskets and so on. Live plants in vases and pots will be the concise addition to the design. And if there will be an additional place, decorate kitchen cabinets with painted porcelain and ceramic figurines.

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