Cottage Kitchens – Design Ideas and Pictures

Everlasting and charming, cottage kitchens illustrate a cozy and warm environment. Cottage-styled kitchens look more womanlike than bold rural-styled kitchens.

Warm-colored walls, country sink, an antique oven and vintage white-colored kitchen cabinets provide this small room with a special fascination.

Looking at images of cottage kitchens you can see light country sink, white-colored kitchen cabinets, plane constructions and flat planking. But you will never see any extravagant, shiny or fussy decorative element in this kitchen style. This rule helps homeowners to save a special cozy domestic atmosphere in the room.

It is not a secret, that the kitchen tends to be the centre of any house, because all members of family and friends meet each other right here. Moreover, a lot of our warm memories are usually associated with this place.

Every cottage-styled kitchen’s corner is made to be an object of admiration and a useful place. Many inhabitants of cottage houses often keep their kitchenware and family crockery out in the open shelves.

The big window gives a room an adding lighting, that is coming from a green houses yard. This lighting effect makes a sense of unity with nature and presents a sunny and fresh atmosphere of natural elements to homeowners.

You are able to fill the kitchen space with other decorative and classical kitchen attributes to make the room more inviting place for everyone. For example, you may place many wooden boxes on the floor, add the window colorful textile curtain and put a basket of wildflowers on the kitchen surface.

In my humble opinion, this kitchen style is usually chosen by people, who believe in traditional family values and love a freedom of living in the countryside. But, of course, there are always much exclusion in our life.

If you are really keen on the atmosphere of Cottage kitchen style and you want to create it in your own house, you should get an inspiration from designers blogs, thematic magazines and books or ask people, who do designer projects professionally.

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