Cookhouse – ideas for your inspiration

Just the thought about preparing food outside doubles your appetite and the flavour of the dish is not even cooked yet. If you do have a cookhouse you should know that many people will be quite jealous. A cookhouse is not only a extremely fashionable addition to a country house but at the same time it’s very convenient, practical and multifunctional addition. If you don’t have your own cookhouse, it’s high time you built it.

Cookhouse interior

When decorating your cookhouse you are free to completely rely on your imagination. Nature, fresh air, delicious dishes – all this things create the atmosphere which should inspire you for planning your cookhouse interior. It’s rather important to start with choosing the most suitable material.

Of course, natural materials like stone or wood are preferable. A cookhouse made of bricks, though, won’t be less cozy, but it’s implementation requires more time and money.
A cookhouse shouldn’t be overfilled with furniture. Make it spacious and comfortable and avoid turning it into a storehouse

Interesting ideas

While the hearth adorns the kitchen, what makes a cookhouse beautiful is a real fire. It provides millions of possibilities for cooking, which simply are impossible in the normal conditions of preparing food in your home. It’s the fire which can become the centerpiece of your cookhouse. You can place your fireplace in the central spot of the room and enjoy the primitive beauty and heat from the fire as well as actually cook. It is not necessary though to place the fire right in the center but you definitely should include it in the interior of your cookhouse.
The arrangement of a cookhouse also requires construction of a dining area. A standard table and chairs will do, but if you want something more racy and exotic, we can suggest that you create a dining place in the Eastern style. Just like in Tajikistan where they eat sitting on carpets on the floor with their tables having exceedingly small legs and the height usually being less than 30cm. This could be such an extraordinary table for your cookhouse, couldn’t it? As well, so as not to sit on a rough surface, you can always bring in some lovely and soft cushions.
A cookhouse is a multifunctional place, so you must include in the daily routine some Siesta time. After eating, you can unwind and relax in the corner. You will need sun loungers , sofas, hammocks, chairs, anything which will help you to switch off for a bit. A cookhouse will turn into a blooming garden, if you complement it with potted plants or put a vine on the wall.

A couple of words about the planning

The cookhouse is great because it gives you the opportunity to be outdoors, as long as possible without as the say four walls. Precisely this principle – the absence of four walls, must guide you during the construction of the cookhouse. By the way, it can be situated alone from home or have a common foundation and wall (one or two). Thus, a cookhouse can be either an extension of the home, or an independent structure on the yard site.

Preparing for winter

Certainly, those who live in warm climates are luckier, because they do not have to close the cookhouses for a break. Well, if your region is dominated by severe winter, then the cookhouse will have to be closed. This can be done in several ways. For the cookhouse to be wintered with less after effects it should be closed by removing everything that had accumulated in the interior during the time of using (chairs, hammocks and kitchen utensils). Some people close the room with construction film or tents. In principle, this is enough, it is necessary to firmly attach the tent.

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