Contemporary kitchen – variety of design solutions

Kitchen is the part of a flat or a house where the most important components are comfort and functionality. In the case these options are essential for you there won’t be doubts about the design solution. The thing is contemporary kitchen has a tendency to avoid using lots of decoration elements, the main goal is to make the space useful.

Minimalism is the basic ground of the contemporary style that means – less extra details, shapes should be clear and simple. It’s quite important to consider carefully many things – the arrangement of furniture, dining area, sink, household equipment, gas stove and many other details.

Characteristic features of contemporary kitchen

Kitchen is not only the place to cook meal, but the reflection of the owner’s individuality – his self-sufficiency, tidiness and good aesthetic taste. Advantages of the modern equipment are that there’s no need to hide it, on the contrary, it should be shown and made worth attention.

Modern style is becoming more and more popular nowadays, it’ pure and elegant. Contemporary kitchen allows mixing such elements that are unacceptable to other design trends, the principal thing is the compliance of the simplicity and clearness of lines. But there are no strict rules – you may add every element you’d like from different styles.

First of all the modern style is characterized by diversity, versatility and originality. Here you can realize every bold idea, fantasies and desires, combine the most incredible details to get the most unique and extraordinary interior design.

Small contemporary kitchen

As the modern style implies the minimalism it can be easily chosen for the small kitchen. Moreover, there are several advices that can help make the room visually more spacious. The first of them recommends using light tones for walls – it can be bright wallpapers or ceramic tile, this applies also to the ceiling.

In common the modern style doesn’t require using color profusion – it will be enough couple of tones that can be diluted by several not very bright accents. You also should take into account the fact that dark furniture is not suitable for small kitchens, but light always looks great as it visually expands the space.

The important aspect – the furniture should be arranged such a way all the doors could be opened without any problems. To avoid the occupancy of the small kitchen the preference should be given to hanging cabinets with glass doors.

The glass itself creates a light, airy and spacious atmosphere, but if you add to this a large window, it’ll be just fine. For achieving the same design solution, there should be used light, flowing and short curtains. In the case you want to gain greater effect, don’t exploit curtains at all, instead of it cover up the window with the help of blinds or shutters.

Materials used in the contemporary kitchen

As we are talking about modern kitchen, the materials for it will be the same – that becomes possible thanks to a wide choice. They are mostly metal, wood, plastic, plaster and glass, but there are no restrictions. The only criterion is the personal preference of the owner, in the end, satisfaction with the result is that only matters.

For example, wooden kitchen applies to different styles of past eras and with the help of the modern materials and finishes, as well as with household equipment, it turns out the modern style. Furthermore, wood will fill the kitchen with comfort, warmth and lively atmosphere.

Let’s go further and add to this the interior of the metal and the environment of the contemporary kitchen will change cardinally. To the comfort and coziness will be added stringency, chic and elegance – it looks really amazing.

Glass gives every room lightness, grace and simplicity – in this case kitchen is not an exception. The glass will fill your kitchen with space and light. Make a large window and go through the streams of sunlight, moreover, it’s useful and convenient for cooking. It will be more appropriate to locate the working area and sink at the window in order to arrange the special atmosphere and closeness to nature. There are a lot of things that can be made of glass – cabinet doors, chandelier or additional lighting.

If we speak about contemporary kitchen, there are the floor materials that will suit it well – carpet, laminate, parquet, tile or even wood. It does not require radical changes, just some improvements.

Colour solutions for contemporary kitchen

All we have personal preferences in terms of colour, but if you still want to follow the modern style, then choose for your kitchen more or less light tones, in addition, they promote a good appetite. It will be inappropriate to use here bright and vivid colors, as well as a large number of them. You should select, for example, one color and play with his tones or mix some of them.

Contemporary kitchen combined with living or dining room

Combining the kitchen with the living room or dining room is very modern and convenient solution. This is especially relevant if the living or dining room is smaller than the kitchen or vice versa. You can make the design and interior cooperative or different and divided into zones. For example, zoning is very effective with the help of the light or materials for the floor.

Breakfast bar in contemporary kitchen interior

Another characteristic element of the modern style of the kitchen is a breakfast bar. It can be used for its intended purpose or to be additional work space. This device can be perfectly complemented by chairs around the perimeter. This is very convenient for snacking or quick tea. When you cook, your family members or guests, so as not to disturb you, can sit at the bar and chat with you.

One of the bar walls can be equipped with additional shelves, for example, for dishes – it’s very convenient and practical.

The decoration and accessories of the contemporary kitchen

Moderation is the key term in the contemporary kitchen decor, and such elements as flowers are appropriate to every room without a doubt. They add freshness and liveliness to the decor, bringing comfort and relaxation.

You can hang a couple of pictures to dilute the interior. But do not forget that the modern style doesn’t like superfluity.

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