Contemporary kitchen tables – interesting interior ideas

Kitchen is one of the main rooms in each house and the place where the whole family have breakfast, lunch and dinner, where we also welcome our guests and arrange friendly gatherings. Without a doubt this is the room where the housewife spends most of her time. And so the kitchen should be comfortable, because the mood is so important and here is the heart of each family.

Therefore, the design of the kitchen should be approached with full responsibility to get comfortable, functional and cozy space. One of the main stages of kitchen equipment is the choice of the dining table and this will be discussed further.

Everyone at least once dreamed about big friendly family that is assembled at the big table for some celebration or about a quiet romantic dinner with candles or children’s party with a big cake. In all these cases the central thing is the dining table.

This is a very important piece of furniture, but what exactly should be the dining table – functional and practical and be able to blend in every room. Contemporary kitchen tables should meet all these requirements.

Types of contemporary kitchen tables

First of all we consider which types of tables are popular nowadays and what advantages and disadvantages they have. They can be round, oval, square and rectangular by the shape but design of the legs can be very diverse, exactly as the table height.

There are many models with sliding mechanisms that allow by easy movement of a hand to convert a miniature table to the huge dining table. However, it’s not all the surprises from the manufacturers, because in the furniture market they present a huge number of models with adjustable height that makes it easy to turn your kitchen table into a coffee table. Such designs of kitchen tables would be a real godsend for those who try to rationalize the useful space in small kitchens.

Speaking of space saving, it’s worth to notice that the round and oval tables will look harmoniously in a large room, but touching the wall rectangular or square tables are perfect solutions for small room.

Features of the contemporary kitchen tables

The material of the table is very important, because it provides one or another service life. Si it should have following characteristics:

  • Water resistance. The matter is pilled water or tea, and a simple wet cleaning in the absence of such an important quality will have a negative impact on the appearance of this piece of furniture.
  • Ecological compatibility with other materials. It’s one of the basic conditions, but otherwise how can you put food on the table, which is made of harmful materials.
  • This factor is also important –it should at least be reliable to serve the owners for a long period of time.

Natural wood still is the most popular material, this table will easily fit into every style of interior, from rural country to classic or aristocracy. Glass tables have not less demand, they look great in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and modern.

It is worth to say that the table with a transparent top can be a great salvation for a small kitchen, because even having a sufficiently large surface, they won’t weight space, while the table of the same size made of wood and in dark color just steal the lightness, which will give the glass. However, such models are not cheap, and not every family can afford such luxury.

How to choose the colour of the contemporary kitchen tables

The color combination of all the elements of furniture, textiles, finishes and decor in the room is the main goal of every interior designer. But what to do if you don’t have such knowledge? For example, you may take an accent on several elements – this may be the flooring, kitchen cabinets or color solution for kitchen equipment.

But quite often, designers make the kitchen table the main focus of the room, which also looks quite original. A vivid example of such solution can be oval table with glass top and bright blue leg, that looks like a cocoon, in the interior of the kitchen with interplaying of white and chocolate colours.

Not less interesting will look the table of warm wood tones on black and white kitchen, but it should be complemented with chairs or cushions in order not to look desolate.

Depending on what interior style is selected for kitchen design you can choose he appearance of the table – it is the well-known truth, the same applies to colour. So first you should see the assortment that manufacturers provide in their catalogs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, if you plan to make furniture to order, then this problem disappears and then you can safely improvise, creating a perfect interior design. Nowadays there is a great abundance of opportunities for everyone to make your own cozy and nice atmosphere in the kitchen where the whole family likes to gather.

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